Give the Applications of Dna Fingerprinting Technique. - Biology


Give the applications of DNA fingerprinting technique.

Mention DNA fingerprinting application.

List any two applications of DNA fingerprinting technique.


Solution 1

Applications of DNA fingerprinting:-

  • In parental disputes, the DNA fingerprinting technique is used to determine the true parents of the child.
  • In forensic science, DNA fingerprinting is used to determine the culprit of the crime by matching the DNA fingerprint of the suspect with the biological evidence (hair, blood, skin cells etc.) found at the crime scene.
  • It is a sure shot tool to solve paternity or maternity suits because the VNTR pattern of an individual is inherited from both the parents involved

Solution 2

Applications of DNA fingerprinting:-

(1) It is used in forensic science to identify potential crime suspects.

(2) It is used to establish paternity and family relationships.

(3) It is used to identify and protect the commercial varieties of crops and livestock.

(4) It is used to find out the evolutionary history of an organism and trace out the linkages between groups of various organisms.

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Chapter 6: Molecular Basis of Inheritance - Exercises [Page 125]

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Explain the significance of satellite DNA in DNA fingerprinting technique.

Following the collision of two trains a large number of passengers are killed. A majority of them are beyond recognition. Authorities want to hand over the dead to their relatives. Name a modern scientific method and write the procedure that would help in the identification of kinship.

Briefly describe the following  - Polymorphism

In DNA fingerprinting technique, radioactive DNA probe is obtained from______ of female banded krait snake.

(a) X chromosome
(b) Y chromoson1e
(c) X and Y chromosomes
(d) autosome

Which material is used for isolation of DNA in fingerprinting technique?

For DNA fingerprinting radioactive probe obtained from __________ is used in India.

(A) Banded Krait

(B) King Cobra

(C) Viper

(D) Rat snake

Name the radioactive probe used in India for DNA fingerprinting.

A number of passengers were severely burnt beyond recognition during a train accident. Name and describe a modern technique that can help hand over the dead to their relatives.

Briefly describe the technique employed in DNA fingerprinting.

State the best-known contribution of Alec Jeffery

Mention how does DNA polymorphism arise in a population.

How is repetitive/satellite DNA separated from bulk genomic DNA for various genetic experiments?


"A very small sample of tissue or even a drop of blood can help determine paternity." Provide a scientific explanation to substantiate how it is possible.

Short Answer Question:

Write a note on applications of DNA fingerprinting.

What is the use of southern blotting in DNA fingerprinting?

What are the different types of mutations?

Define 'RFLP’.

Explain different steps involved in DNA Fingerprinting.

rDNA is a ______.

DNA fingerprinting is based on the principle of identifying______.

Restriction endonucleases cut the DNA molecule at specific positions known as ______.

Similar DNA fingerprinting is obtained for______.

In gene cloning the DNA of interest is integrated in a ______.

DNA fingerprinting technique was developed by Alec Jeffrey

Assertion: rDNA is superior over hybridisation techniques.

Reason: Desired genes are inserted without introducing the undesriable genes in target organisms.

State the applications of DNA fingerprinting technique.

In DNA fingerprinting technique, which of the following probe is used for hybridization of DNA fragments?

Which of the following are the applications of DNA fingerprinting?

VNTR has ______.

____________ are the DNA sequences which are useful in DNA fingerprinting.

Identify the criterion for movement of DNA fragments on agarose gel during gel electrophoresis.

For which of the following reason/s VNTRs is/are the key factor in DNA profiling?

Match the Column - I with Column - II and select the correct option

  Column - I   Column - II
(a) Female banded Krait (i) Humulin
(b) Pancreas from dog (ii) DNA sample
(c) Hair root of human (iii) Insulin extracted and purified
(d) E.coli (iv) DNA probe

Select the mis-matched pair.

Short stretches of DNA used to identify the complementary sequences in a sample are called ______

The DNA fingerprinting pattern of the child is ______ 

Indole-3-acetic acid (auxin) was first isolated from ______.

Polymorphism arises due to ______

Which of the following technique is used m DNA fingerprinting?

DNA fingerprinting involves identifying differences in some specific regions in DNA sequence, called as ______

What is DNA polymorphism? Why is it important to study it?

Comment on the utility of variability in number of tandem repeats during DNA finger printing.

DNA fragments formed by the action of restriction enzyme in a chemical reaction can be separated by ______.

The technique of DNA fingerprinting was first given by ______.

Arrange the following steps of DNA fingerprinting in correct sequence:

  1. Gel electrophoresis
  2. Isolation of DNA
  3. Southern blotting
  4. Restriction digestion


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