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Discuss in Groups What Would You Do in the Following Situations? Give Reasons for Your Answer - English - Communicative

Answer in Brief

Discuss in groups
What would you do in the following situations? Give reasons for your answer
If you were travelling by bus and you saw someone pick another passenger's

  • If you found a wallet on the road.
  • If you were in a shop and you saw a well-dressed lady shoplifting.
  • If your best friend is getting involved with an undesirable set of friends.
  • If you were in school and you saw one of your class-mates steal another child's
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  • I would raise an alarm to ask others to overpower him.
  • I would return it to its rightful owner or hand it over to the police.
  • I would inform the police and the owner.
  • I shall advise him to give up the company of the bad boys.
  • I would inform the class teacher or the principal.
Concept: Writing and Grammar
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CBSE Class 9 English Course Communicative: Literature Reader
Chapter 3.2 The Bishop's Candlesticks
Exercise | Q 1 | Page 106
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