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Define the Following Terms: Fuel Cell - Chemistry

Define terms: Fuel cell

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Solution 1

Fuel cell: A fuel cell is a galvanic cell in which the energy of combustion of fuel is directly converted into electrical energy.

Solution 2

Galvanic cells that are designed to convert the energy of combustion of fuels like hydrogen, methanol, methane, etc. directly into electrical energy are called fuel cells.

Solution 3

The fuel cell is an electrochemical cell in which chemical energy of the fuel is directly converted into electrical energy. It converts the energy from the combustion of fuels such as H2, CO, CH4 etc directly into the electrical energy.

The fuel cell is designed in such a way that the materials to be oxidised at the anode and reduced at the cathode are stored outside the electrodes, so as to maintain a constant supply. One of the most successful fuel cells is the H2-O2 fuel cell. The H2-O2 fuel cell consists of a porous electrode filled with catalysts like Pt,Ag etc.

Hydrogen fuel, or hydrogen-oxygen fuel, has many benefits over other fuel forms, making it a potential leader in alternative fuel technology

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