Maharashtra State BoardSSC (English Medium) 9th Standard




  • Distributional Maps
    • Distributional Maps
    • Dot Method
    • Choropleth Method
    • Isopleth Method
    • Geographical Field Visit
  • Endogenetic Movements
    • Endogenetic Processes (Internal Movements)
    • Slow Movements
    • Mountain-building Movements (Orogenic)
    • Continent-building (Epeirogenic) Movements
    • Sudden Movements
    • Earthquake
    • Seismogram
    • Earthquake and its causes
    • Effects of Earthquake
    • Volcanoes
    • Types of Volcanoes
    • Effect of Volcanoes
    • Distribution of Plates, Earthquake Zones, and Volcanoes in the World
  • Exogenetic Processes Part - I
    • Exogenetic Processes
    • Weathering
    • Mechanical Weathering
    • Chemical Weathering
    • Biological Weathering
    • Mass Movements (Mass Wasting)
    • Erosion
  • Exogenetic Processes Part - II
    • Exogenetic Processes
    • Work of Rivers and Landforms
    • Work of Glaciers and Landforms
    • Work of the Wind and the Landforms Production
    • Work of Sea Waves and the landforms
    • Work of Groundwater and Landforms Production
  • Precipitation
    • Precipitation
    • Rainfall and It's Types
    • World Distribution of Rainfall
    • Rain Gauge
    • Fog, Dew, and Frost
    • Effects of Precipitation
    • Acid Rain
  • Properties of Sea Water
    • Properties of Sea Water
    • Temperature of Sea Water
    • Salinity of the Sea Water
    • Density of Sea Water
    • Distribution of Temperature, Salinity and Density of Seawater According to Depth
  • International Date Line
    • Introduction of International Date Line
    • Solution to the Confusion of Days
    • International Date Line
  • Introduction to Economics
    • Introduction to Economics
    • Economy
    • Types of Economy
    • Globalisation of the Economy
    • Functions of an Economy
  • Trade
    • Concept of the Trade
    • Types of Trade
    • Balance of Trade
    • International Trade Organisations
    • Marketing
    • Importance of Marketing
  • Urbanisation
    • Urbanisation
    • Reasons for Urbanisation
    • Advantages of Urbanisation
    • Problems of Urbanisation
  • Transport and Communication
    • Transportation
    • Importance of Transportation
    • Communication
  • Tourism



  • Thomas Cook was an English merchant who lived from 22 November 1808 to 18 July 1892.  
  • He is most known for establishing Thomas Cook & Son, a travel business.  
  • He was also one of the founders of the 'package tour,' which included travel, lodging, and other amenities.  
  • He planned to carry 600 sober activists from Leicester Campbell Street railway station to a teetotal rally in Loughborough, which was located eleven miles distant, in connection with the launch of the expanded Midland Counties Railway. 
  • In the end, he was successful in planning a round-trip across Europe. 
  • He eventually started a business selling travel tickets to tourists. Thomas Cook's early entrance into business helped contemporary tourism flourish. 




Majha Pravas by Vishnubhat Godse                                                                                            

  • Maza Pravas: 1857 cya Bandaci Hakikat, also known as Majha Pravas or "My Travels: the Story of the 1857 Mutiny," is a Marathi travel book written by Vishnubhat Godse.  
  • Godse traveled on foot from Varsai, a village near Pen in what is now the Indian state of Maharashtra, to the central and northern parts of India during the years 1857–1858 and saw several incidents of what he "The Mutiny of 1857", also known as the Indian Rebellion of 1857. 
  • He visited Ayodhya, saw the events at Mhow, spent a few months working for the Rani of Jhansi, saw Jhansi fall, and in the end returned bankrupt to his hometown.  
  • He visited most of the Hindu sacred sites in addition to his interactions with the uprising. 
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