Centre for Social Medicine, Pravara



Owner: Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS)

The Mission

To support and encourage interdisciplinary research, training, and services in the field of social medicine and community development for the benefit of students, faculty and the needy community at large.

The Vision:

The vision is to be a leading Center of Excellence in Social Medicine, health equality and community development.

The Objectives:

  1. To understand the health problems and needs of the rural and other vulnerable sections of the community with a view to find workable solutions in the existing social structure.
  2. To delineate the structural constraints which limit the scope of health interventions in the community.
  3. To train and nurture the students in the field of social medicine, rural health and allied health sciences.
  4. To conduct and promote research & scholarship in social medicine and allied sciences
  5. To provide comprehensive community oriented primary health care to the needy
  6. To bring behavioural changes and empower people for their health and development.
  7. To develop networking and partnership with individuals and organizations
Centre for Social Medicine, Pravara is an other university. It is located at A/p: Loni Tal:Rahata Dist:Ahmednagar in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India. It offers the following educational courses, 1 Master of Public Health course.

Courses Offered by Centre for Social Medicine, Pravara

Master/Post Graduate [1]
Master of Public Health (M.P.H.)
Centre for Social Medicine, Pravara
Duration 2 years full time
Intake : 30


A/p: Loni Tal:Rahata Dist:Ahmednagar
Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India


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