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Centre for Biotechnology, Pravara


Also known as :Center for Biotechnology, Pravara
Owner: Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS)


The mission of this Center is to provide impetus to the activity of knowledge acquisition and education of students in basic sciences and technological know-how associated with the field of medical biotechnology, and other relevant areas. The Center is committed for the purpose of accepting the world's great challenges, with others, and tackling these challenges by generating, applying and preserving knowledge. This Center is dedicated to combine stern academic study and the thrill of innovation. It desires to develop in each member of its family, not only the ability to work wisely, creatively and effectively for the betterment of humankind but also the passion for doing so. Today the Center for biotechnology is desirous of becoming India's premiere Institute. Education and research - with relevance to the practical world as a guiding principle - continue to be its primary purpose. This Center is envisaging on interdepartmental, multidisciplinary programs, laboratories and centers having strong research base and whose work extends beyond traditional departmental boundaries. It seeks to be a pulsating temple of science, from which intelligence, knowledge and wisdom disseminates.


Our Center will be comprised of individuals committed to our mission and values. The Center will nourish and nurture young, creative and innovative minds that will make significant contribution in the field of biological sciences and further the cause of alleviating the sufferings of mankind.

The Faculty

The faculty of this Center is well trained and possesses relevant skills to conduct research and provide interdisciplinary training in fundamental areas at the forefront of medical biotechnology. We aim to cultivate a research environment that will also foster the advancement of the local and national biotechnology industry.

Centre for Biotechnology, Pravara also know as Center for Biotechnology, Pravara is an other university. It is located at A/p: Loni Tal:Rahata Dist:Ahmednagar in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India. It offers the following educational courses, 1 Bachelor/Graduate course, 1 Master/Post Graduate course.

Courses Offered by Centre for Biotechnology, Pravara

Bachelor/Graduate [1]
Bachelor of Science+Master of Science (Medical Biotechnology Integrated) (B.Sc.)
Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences University
Duration 5 years full time
Intake : 30
Master/Post Graduate [1]
Master of Science (Medical Biotechnology) (M.Sc.)
Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences University
Duration 2 years full time
Intake : 30


A/p: Loni Tal:Rahata Dist:Ahmednagar
Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India