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Bharat Ratna Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, India's first Law Minister and one of the Chief Architect of the Constitution, had established the People's Education Society in the year 1945, and the society had established the Siddharth Law College in the heart of Mumbai in the year 1956. For more than 50 years, the legal galaxy of luminaries and prominent personalities have left their footprints behind for all time to come in the field of Indian judicial and political system. The noted among them are Justice P.B. Sawant, Justice M. C. Chagla; Sir Motilal Setalvad (the first Attorney General of Independent India), Former Speakers of Lok Sabha Shri. P.M. Sayeed and Shri. Manohar Joshi and so on. Siddharth College of Law has been the meeting point of ideas and best academic practices. It is the melting pot of diverse cultures. We believe in the overall personality development of every student. To inspire budding legal professionals, we have invited many eminent personalities including High Court/ Supreme Court Judges who come and share their experiences with students. Welcome to diversify passionate learning culture of the Siddharth College of Law.

Siddharth College of Law is an other university. It is located at Anand Bhavan, D.N. Road, Near Bombay High Court, Fort in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It offers the following educational courses, 1 Bachelor of Law (LL.B) course.

Courses Offered by Siddharth College of Law

Bachelor/Graduate [1]
Bachelor of Law (LL.B) (L.L.B.)
Siddharth College of Law
Duration 3 years full time


Anand Bhavan, D.N. Road, Near Bombay High Court, Fort
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


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