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Which Device is Used to Produce Electricity? Describe with a Neat Diagram. A. Electric Motor B. Galvanometer C. Electric Generator (Dc) D. Voltmeter - Science and Technology 1

Answer in Brief

Which device is used to produce electricity? Describe with a neat diagram.

a. Electric motor
b. Galvanometer
c. Electric Generator (DC)
d. Voltmeter

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The device used for producing electricity is Electric generator (DC). It is based on the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction.


When the axle is rotated, lengths MN and ST move up and down, respectively. Since lengths MN and ST are moving in a magnetic field, a current gets induced in these lengths caused by an electromagnetic induction. The direction of the induced current in both the lengths is given by Fleming’s right hand rule.
In this arrangement, brush A always remains in contact with the length moving up, whereas brush B always remains in contact with the length moving down. Here, split rings C and D act as a commutator. In this case, the direction of the current induced in the coil will be from M to T via N and S for the first half-rotation, and from T to M via S and N for the second half-rotation of coil MNST. Hence, we get a unidirectional current called direct current (DC).

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