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Water vascular system is found in ______. - Science

Fill in the Blanks

Water vascular system is found in ______.


  • Hydra

  • Earthworm

  • Star fish 

  • Ascaris



Water vascular system is found in Star fish

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Chapter 17: Animal Kingdom - Exercise [Page 208]


Tamil Nadu Board Samacheer Kalvi Class 9th Science Answers Guide
Chapter 17 Animal Kingdom
Exercise | Q I. 10. | Page 208


Identify me.

My body is radially symmetrical. Water vascular system is present in my body. I am referred as fish though I am not. What is my name?

Answer the question by choosing correct option.

Which of the following animals can regenerate it’s broken body part?

Sketch, labell and classify  Star fish .

Identify the class of the animal shown in the figure and write any two characteristics.

Find an odd one out.

Locomotion of starfish takes place through pseudopodia.

What are the locomotory organs of the animal given in the picture?

Name the phylum in which earthworm and starfish belongs to.

Write a short note.


How does locomotion take place in starfish?

Are jellyfish and starfish similar to fishes? If no justify the answer.

Which among the following is exclusively marine?

The locomotory organs of Echinodermata are

Hard calcium carbonate structures are used as skeleton by

Match items of column (A) with items of column (B)

(A) (B)
(a) Pore bearing animals (A) Arthropoda
(b) Diploblastic (B) Coelenterata
(c) Metameric segmentation (C) Porifera
(d) Jointed legs (D) Echinodermata
(e) Soft bodied animals (E) Mollusca
(f) Spiny skinned animals (F) Annelida

______ is not a characteristic of Phylum Echinodertnata.

Mention two features of phylum Echinodermata.

______ separates the digestive tract from the body wall. 

The locomotion of phylum Echinodermata is affected by ______.


Echinodermata: ______:: Soft Bodies Animals: ______.

In the animals belonging to the phylum Echinodermata, the body is divided into head, muscular foot, and the visceral mass.

Which group of animals belong to the same phylum?

Which of the following animal does not belong to Phylum Echinodermata?

Read the following statements.

  1. Metagenesis is observed in Helminths.
  2. Echinoderms are triploblastic and coelomate animals.
  3. Round worms have an organ-system level of body organization.
  4. Comb plates present in ctenophores help in digestion.
  5. Water vascular system is characteristic of Echinoderms.

Choose the correct answer from the options given below.

Identify the following animal and answer the questions that follow.

  1. Name its phylum.
  2. Name any two other examples of this phylum.
  3. Mention any two characters of this phylum.

Cockroach, Frog, Sparrow, Starfish, from these animals which can regenerate its broken body part?

Read the statements and answer accordingly:

Calcareous spines are present on the body. Tube feet are used for locomotion and capturing prey also.

- Identify the phylum and give one example.


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