State the Function of a Reservoir in a Nutrient Cycle - Biology


State the function of a reservoir in a nutrient cycle



The function of the reservoir is to meet the deficit which occurs because of an imbalance in the rate of influx and efflux

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2013-2014 (March) All India Set 1

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Explain ‘Carbon cycle’.

Explain the carbon cycle with the help of a simplified model.

Write important features of a sedimentary cycle in an ecosystem.

Outline salient features of carbon cycling in an ecosystem

Guano deposits are rich in ______.

State any two differences between phosphorus and carbon cycles in nature.

Write the importance of phosphorus in living organisms.



The abundance of phosphate, causing algal overgrowth resulting in depletion of oxygen and killing other aquatic life is known as --------------------------. 

Name any ‘two’ edible varieties of mushrooms. Give nutritional values of these. 

Give a graphic representation of the Hatch Slack or C4 cycle.

Give a graphic representation of the phosphorus cycle in nature.

Give a graphic representation of the C3 cycle.

Which mineral acts as a limiting factor for productivity in an aquatic ecosystem.

Name the reservoir and sink of carbon in the carbon cycle.

Describe the carbon cycle and add a note on the impact of human activities on the carbon cycle.

On land, plants get carbon from ____________.

The normal concentration of CO2 in atmosphere is ____________ %

Bio-membrane having maximum fluidity is ______.

Substrate-level phosphorylation occurs in ______.

Natural reservoir of phosphorus is ______.

Among the following bio-geo chemical cycles which one does not have losses due to respiratjon?

Among the following biogeochemical cycles which one does not have losses due to respiration?

Biogeochemical cycling means ______.

Which of the following type of ecosystem is expected in an area where evaporation exceeds precipitation, and mean annual rainfall is below 100 mm?

Why are nutrient cycles in nature called biogeochemical cycles?

Human activities interfere with carbon cycle. List any two such activities.

What is a biogeochemical cycle? What is the role of the reservoir in a biogeochemical cycle? Give an example of a sedimentary cycle with reservoir located in the earth’s crust.


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