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In the Given Figure, Apb and Aqo Are Semicircles and Ao = Ob. If the Perimeter of the Figure is 40 Cm, Find the Area of the Shaded Region. - Mathematics


In the given figure, APB and AQO are semicircles and AO = OB. If the perimeter of the figure is 40 cm, find the area of the shaded region.

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Permieter of shaded region = Length of the arc AQO + Length of the arc APB + Length of OB

`=>40=1/2xx2pi("AO"/2) + 1/2xx2pi("OB") +"OB"`

`= 40 = 11/7"AO"+22/7"OB"+"OB"`

`=40 = 11/7"OB "+ 22/7 "OB" + "OB"`         [∴ AO = OB] 

`=> 40 = 40/7 "OB"`

⇒ OB =7 cm

Area of the shaded portion = Area of semicircle AQO + Area of semicircle APB

`=1/2 pi(7/2)^2 + 1/2(7)^2`

`= 1/2 xx 22/7xx(7/2)^2+1/2xx22/7xx(7)^2`

= 96.25 cm

Hence, the area of the shaded portion is 96.25 cm2.

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RS Aggarwal Secondary School Class 10 Maths
Chapter 18 Area of Circle, Sector and Segment
Exercise 18A | Q 40 | Page 823
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