AMIE 2024: Exam Dates, Pattern, Cut Off, Registration

About AMIE

AMIE provides excellent benchmark in the field of engineering courses in India. This institution is recognized by each State Govts., Central Govt., UPSC and of course, AICTE equivalent to other Engineering courses like B. E or B.Tech. In such case, the qualified AMIE students can be availed of equal advantages in respect of getting job and other higher studies whether it will be Govt. or in private sectors like any B. Tech or B.E holder personal. In every year in the month of June and December the applicants can go through this examination in their convenient centres across the country- India. The applicants, who are getting admission in AMIE course, are also considered to be the Non- corporate members in Institution of Engineers in India. There has strict non allowance for the students that they can’t eligible to appear in the exam more than 4 subjects once. If anybody can’t pass in one subject he has to clear that subject.  

Eligibility criteria for applying  :

For AMIE the interested students have option to go through the online tests as it is relevant, convenient, user friendly with affordable payment options ranging from Rs.200- 1500 test series. The online questions are extensive results of the experienced professionals who are dedicatedly giving service by proper assistance.


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