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C.R. Soc's Rashtra Sant Regional Cancer Hosptial


Established: 2003

Every year nearly 4000 new patients & 30,000 follow up cases visit the hospital from all over Maharashtra and neighbouring states .

Nearly 1500 operations are performed annually and 3000 patients treated with Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy annually. Evidence Based Medicine is the keystone of our endeavour. Apart from the patient care and service, clinical research programmes and randomized trials contribute to improve delivery of care and highest standards of work ethics.

• Only Tertiary Cancer hospital in Central India.
• Well equipped with state of the art latest equipments & modern technologies.
• Recognised Regional Cancer Hospital under Ministry of Health ,Govt Of India.
• Empanelled hospital under WCL,MOIL,CGHS,SECR,CR,BSNL,MSRTC,Govt of Maharashtra etc.
• Only cancer hospital equipped with all latest facilities those are available in other metro Cities like Mumbai, Chennai, and Hyderabad.
• Treatment is available at an affordable cost for all strata of society with comfort of a modern medical tourism center.
• The only Cancer Institute in the whole Central India having Palliative treatment center - Snehanchal.
• Equipped with latest treatment of Radiotherapy like 3DCRT, IMRT, HDR Brachy therapy etc.
• Only hospital having Tele-medicine facilities to combat the dreaded disease for the people of far flung places of Central India.
• The hospital is having well equipped modern O.T., Onco Surgery Deptt, Head & Neck Deptt., Gynaec Oncology Deptt., Medical oncology Dept. etc.
• State of the art Pathology & Radiology Deptts.
• The ulimate destination for treatment of Cancer under one roof in the whole Central India.

C.R. Soc's Rashtra Sant Regional Cancer Hosptial is an other university, established in 2003. It is located at Tukdoji Chowk, Manewada Road in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. It offers the following educational courses, 1 unknown course, 1 Post Graduate Diploma course.

Courses Offered by C.R. Soc's Rashtra Sant Regional Cancer Hosptial

unknown [1]
Advance Diploma in Radiotherapy Technology
Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education
Duration 2 years full time
Intake : 20
Post Graduate Diploma [1]
Advance Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology
Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education
Duration 1 years full time
Intake : 20


Tukdoji Chowk, Manewada Road
Nagpur, Maharashtra, India