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Mechanical Vibrations Semester 6 (TE Third Year) BE Automobile Engineering University of Mumbai Topics and Syllabus

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CBCGS [2018 - current]
CBGS [2014 - 2017]
Old [2000 - 2013]

Topics with syllabus and resources

100.00 Module 1
101.00 Basic Concepts of Vibration
  • Vibration and oscillation,
  • causes and effects of vibrations,
  • Vibration parameters – spring,
  • mass, damper, Damper models,
  • Motion – periodic, non periodic,
  • harmonic, non- harmonic,
  • Degree of freedom,
  • static equilibrium position,
  • Vibration classification,
  • Steps involved in vibration analysis.
102.00 Free Undamped Single Degree of Freedom Vibration System
  • Longitudinal, transverse, torsinal vibration system,
  • Methods for formulation of differential equations by Newton,
  • Energy, Lagrangian and Rayleigh’s Method.
200.00 Module 2
201.00 Free Damped Single Degree of Freedom Vibration System
  • Viscous damped system – under damped,
  • critically damped, over damped; Logarithmic decrement;
  • Coulomb’s damping; Combined viscous and coulomb’s damping
202.00 Equivalent Single Degree of Freedom Vibration System
  • Conversion of multi-springs, multi masses,
  • multi – dampers into a single spring and damper with linear or rotational co-ordinate system.
300.00 Module 3
301.00 Free Undamped Multi Degree of Freedom Vibration System
  • Eigen values and Eigen vectors for linear system and torsional two degree of freedom;
  • Holzer method for linear and torsional unbranched system;
  • Two rotors, Three rotors and geared system;
  • Dunkerley’s and Rayleigh’s method for transverse vibratory system.
400.00 Module 4
401.00 Forced Single Degree of Freedom Vibratory System
  • Analysis of linear and torsional systems subjected to harmonic force excitation and harmonic motion excitation (excluding elastic damper)
402.00 Vibration Isolation and Transmissibility
  • Force Transmissibility,
  • Motion Transmissibility Typical isolators& Mounts.
403.00 Rotor Dynamics
  • Critical speed of single rotor,
  • undamped and damped.
500.00 Module 5
501.00 Vibration Measuring Instruments
  • Principle of seismic instruments, vibrometer, accelerometer - undamped, damped
502.00 Introduction to Conditioning Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis
  • Atleast two case studies in detail based on Conditioning Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis.
600.00 Module 6
601.00 Balancing
  • Static and dynamic balancing of multi rotor system,
  • Balancing of reciprocating masses In-line engines,
  • V- engines (excluding radial Engines)
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