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Mechanical Equipment Design Semester 4 (SE Second Year) BE Chemical Engineering University of Mumbai Topics and Syllabus

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CBCGS [2017 - current]
CBGS [2013 - 2016]
Old [2000 - 2012]

University of Mumbai Semester 4 (SE Second Year) Mechanical Equipment Design Revised Syllabus

University of Mumbai Semester 4 (SE Second Year) Mechanical Equipment Design and their Unit wise marks distribution

Units and Topics

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100 Introduction to Chemical Process Equipment Design
  • Introduction to Chemical process Equipment Design
  • Nature of process equipment, General design procedure.
  • Basic consideration in process equipment design, Standards, codes & their significance, equipment classification & selection, Fundamentals of various stress due to compression, tension, bending, torsion & thermal stresses, Principal stress and theories of failure.
  • Concept of hook’s law, material behaviour and poison’s ratio, material of construction for chemical process equipment, Design pressure, Design temperature, design stress & design loads, Significance of factor of safety and economic considerations.
200 Design of Unfired Pressure Vessels
  • Type of pressure vessels, code & standard for pressure vessels (IS: 2825:1969), Material of Construction, Selection of corrosion Allowance & weld joint efficiency.
  • Thin cylinder theory for internal pressure
201 Pressure Vessel Subjected to Internal Pressure
  • Complete design of cylindrical pressure vessel as per IS: 2825: 1969
  • Study, selection & design of various heads such as Flat, hemispherical, tori-spherical, elliptical & conical.
  • Openings/nozzles & manholes etc.
  • Flanged joints
  • Gasket:- Types, selection & design.
  • Bolt design & selection Flange dimensions & optimization for bolt spacing
202 Pressure Vessel Subjected to External Pressure
  • Design of shell, heads nozzles, flanged joints & stiffening rings as per IS 2825: 1969
  • Appendix F by use of charts.
  • Analytical approach by elastic bucking & plastic deformation.
300 Storage Vessels
  • Study of Various types of storage vessels and application.
  • Atmospheric vessels, vessels for storing volatile & non-volatile liquids.
  • Storage of gases, Losses in storage vessel.
  • Various types of roofs used for storage vessels, Manholes, Nozzles and mounting.
  • Design of cylindrical storage vessels as per IS: 803 should include base plates, shell plates ,roof plate and wind girders
400 Agitators
  • Study of various types of agitators & their application, Baffling, Power requirement of agitators & their applications, system which includes design of shaft based on equivalent twisting moment, equivalent bending moment and critical speed.
  • Design of blades & Blade assembly, key & key ways.
  • Design of rigid flange coupling, Study of seals and design of stuffing box and gland
500 Reaction Vessels
  • Introduction, Classification of reaction vessels, Material of Construction, Heating system, Design of vessel, Study & design of various types of jackets like plain and half coil.
600 Vessel Supports
  • Introduction & classification of support.
  • Design of skirt Support considering stresses due to dead weight, wind load, Seismic load & period of vibration.
  • Design of base plates, skirt bearing plate, anchor bolt and bolting chair.
  • Introduction to bracket support.
  • Design of saddle supports
700 Equipment Fabrication and Inspection
  • Metal forming techniques (bending, Rolling, Forming) & Metal Joining techniques – welding (Gas of Arc & Electric) for various types such as Butt, Lap, fillet, corner.
  • Inspection of vessel by radiography
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