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Author: IL Wanchoo and Arun Kumar
Publisher: Goyal Brothers Prakashan

15 Chapters:
1.01 A Period of Transition
1.02 The Growth of Nationalism
1.03 The American Civil War
1.04 India in the Eighteenth Century
1.05 Traders to Rulers (I)
1.06 Traders to Rulers (II)
1.07 Impact of British Rule on India
1.08 The Great Uprising of 1857
1.09 Great Reformers and Reform Movements
1.1 Struggle for Freedom (I)
1.11 Struggle for Freedom (II)
2.1 The Union Legislature
2.2 The Union Executive
2.3 The Judiciary
2.4 The United Nations

Author: Dr. Viraf J. Dalal
Publisher: Allied Publishers

9 Chapters:
1 Matter
2 Physical & Chemical Changes
3 Elements, Compounds & Mixtures
4 Atomic Structure
5 Language of Chemistry
6 Chemical Reactions
7 Hydrogen
8 Water
9 Carbon & Its Compounds

Author: Jayanti sengupta
Publisher: Oxford University Press

20 Chapters:
1 The Beginning of the Modern World
2 The industrial Revolution and the Rise of Imperialism
3 The Age of Revolution
4 The American Civil War
5 Decline of the Mughal Empire
6 Rise of Independent Regional Powers
7 Rise of British Power in Bengal
8 Expansion of British Power in India
9 British Policies and Their Impacts
10 The Revolt of 1857
11 Indian Renaissance — Social and Religious Reformers in India
12 Rise of Indian Nationalism
13 The Indian National Movement (1885-1916)
14 The Indian National Movement (1917-1934)
15 The Indian National Movement (1935-47)
16 The Union Legislature
17 The Union Executive
18 The Judiciary
19 The United Nations
20 Specialized Agencies of the UN

Author: Dorothy M.Noronhe
Publisher: Oxford University Press

11 Chapters:
1 Interpreting Topographical Maps
2 Population
3 Migration
4 Urbanization
5 Natural and Man-made Disasters with Case Studies
6 Disaster Management
7 Asia: Location, Extent, Political and Physical Features
8 Asia: Climate and Natural Vegetation
9 India: Location, Extent, Political and Physical Features
10 India: Climate, Natural Vegetation, Forests and Wildlife
11 Human Resources in India

Author: K.K. Gupta
Publisher: Selina Publishers

9 Chapters:
1 Transportation in Plants
2 Reproduction in Plants
3 Reproduction in Humans
4 Ecosystems
5 Endocrine System and Adolescence
6 The Circulatory System
7 Nervous System
8 Diseases and First Aid
9 Food Production

Author: Namrata
Publisher: Selina Publishers

9 Chapters:
1 Matter
2 Physical and Chemical Changes
3 Elements, Compounds and Mixtures
4 Atomic Structure
5 Language of Chemistry
6 Chemical Reactions
7 Hydrogen
8 Water
9 Carbon and Its Compounds

Author: R.K. Bansal
Publisher: Selina Publishers

23 Chapters:
1 Rational Numbers
2 Exponents
3 Squares and Square Root
4 Cubes and Cube Roots
5 Playing with Numbers
6 Sets
7 Percent and Percentage
8 Profit, Loss and Discount
9 Interest
10 Direct and Inverse Variations
11 Algebraic Expressions
12 Identities
13 Factorisation
14 Linear Equations in one Variable
15 Linear Inequations
16 Understanding Shapes
17 Special Types of Quadrilaterals
18 Constructions
19 Representing 3-D in 2-D
20 Area of a Trapezium and a Polygon
21 Surface Area, Volume and Capacity
22 Data Handling
23 Probability

Author: S.S. Shome
Publisher: Selina Publishers

8 Chapters:
1 Matter
2 Physical Quantities and Measurement
3 Force and Pressure
4 Energy
5 Light Energy
6 Heat Transfer
7 Sound
8 Electricity

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