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With syntax diagram explain structure of HTML WebPage. - Computer Science 1

With syntax diagram explain structure of HTML WebPage.

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(1) Every HTML document has the same general structure, and it consists of few tags that define the page as a whole.
(2) The primary part of an HTML document are denoted by  <HTML>, <HEAD> and <BODY> tags. Each of these tags are known as Document Structure Tags.
(3) HTML file always starts with <HTML> tag. Similarly ended with </HTML> tag. It declares text within web page viewed in a web browser.
(4) HTML document can be divided into two sections:
(a) The head: It is like an introduction to the page. It generally  consists of title of the page. To define head, add <HEAD> tag at beginning and </HEAD> tag at end of heading.
(b) The body : In this user enters the text images and other tags that will actually appear on the web page. To define the body, place <BODY> tag at be ginning and </BODY> tag at the end after the head section.

These tags define the basic structure of every web page.

Concept: Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)
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