With the Help of a Neat and Labelled Diagram Explain Vam (Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizae). - Biology

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Short Note

With the help of a neat and labelled diagram explain VAM (vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizae).

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VAM (vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizae):

 (1) VAM is vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizae.
(2) In this, the hyphae live in the intercellular spaces of root cortex and send projections into the root cortical cells.
(3) These branches (inside the cell) may be swollen to form vesicles or become a finely branched mass, called arbuscules.
4) VAM (vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizae) is the symbiotic association between a fungus (Phycomycetes) and the root of the angiosperm plant. The fungus helps the plants to obtain the plant nutrients from the soil. In return, plant root serves as the habitat for them. They form a network of filaments and colonises in the root system.

Concept: Microbes as Biocontrol Agents
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