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Which Mirror is Used as a Torch Reflector? Draw a Labelled Diagram to Show How a Torch Reflector Can Be Used to Produce a Parallel Beam of Light. Where is the Bulb Placed in Relation to the Torch Reflector? - Science

Which mirror is used as a torch reflector? Draw a labelled diagram to show how a torch reflector can be used to produce a parallel beam of light. Where is the bulb placed in relation to the torch reflector?

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A concave mirror is used as a torch reflector. 


Light bulb placed at the focus of a torch reflector:

When a light bulb is placed at the focus of a concave mirror reflector, the diverging light rays of the bulb are collected by the reflector. These rays are then reflected to produce a strong, parallel-sided beam of light.


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Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Physics (Science)
Chapter 4 Reflection of Light
Q 18 | Page 190
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