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What is the Effect of Pressure on Solubility of Gases? Explain with an Example. - Chemistry

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What is the effect of pressure on solubility of gases? Explain with an example.

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With an increase in pressure, the solubility of a gas in water increases.

With an increase in temperature, the solubility of a gas in water decreases.

For example, the solubility of carbon dioxide in water under normal atmospheric pressure is low, but when the water surface is subjected to higher pressure, a lot more of CO2 gas gets dissolved in it.

Similarly, in case of soda water, on opening the bottle, the dissolved gas rapidly bubbles out because the pressure on the surface of the water suddenly decreases. 

Concept: Solubility
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Selina Concise Science Chemistry 1 Class 9 ICSE
Chapter 3 Water
Exercise 3 (B) | Q 11 | Page 47
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