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What is meant by coherent sources of light?



Two sources of light that emit light of the same frequency and wavelength having a constant phase difference between them and preferably of the same amplitude are called coherent sources. They are desired from the same source.

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Define coherent sources of light

Draw the intensity distribution for the fringes produced in interference ?

Why are coherent sources necessary to produce a sustained interference pattern?

State the importance of coherent sources in the phenomenon of interference.

Can we conclude from the interference phenomenon whether light is a transverse wave or a longitudinal wave?

Why don't we have interference when two candles are placed close to each other and the intensity is seen on a distant screen? What happens if the candles are replaced by laser sources?

Interference effects of light from two sources can be observed if the sources are ______.

If we have two coherent sources S1 and S2 vibrating in phase, then for an arbitrary point P destructive interference is observed whenever the path difference is ______.

If we have two coherent sources S1 and S2 vibrating in phase with same amplitude, then for an arbitrary point P with path difference corresponding to ϕ, the resultant intensity if the intensity due to each is I0 would be ______.

Two coherent source have wavelength λA and λB Then.

Two wave have intensity ratio 25:4 What is the ratio of maximum to minimum intensity?

In a wave, the path difference corresponding to a phase difference of p is:-

Two coherent monochromatic light beam of intensities I and 4I are super imposed. The max .and min. possible intensities in the resulting beam are

Select the correct statement.

In an interference experiment, the ratio of amplitudes of coherent waves is `a_1/a_2 = 1/3.` The ratio of maximum and minimum intensities of fringes will be ______.

What happens to the interference pattern when two coherent sources are infinitely close?

What happens to the interference pattern when two coherent sources are far apart from each other?


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