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Explain the term Antiseptics

What are antiseptics? Give any ‘two’ examples

Define Antiseptic


Solution 1


  • Chemicals which either kill or prevent the growth of microorganisms

  • Antiseptics are applied to living tissues such as wounds, cuts, ulcers and diseased skin surfaces.

  • Example:

    • Furacine

    • Soframicine

    • Dettol (mixture of chloroxylenol and terpineol)

Solution 2

Anticeptic: Chemicals which either kill or prevent the growth of microorganismsn are called anticeptic drug. Antiseptics are applied to living tissues such as wounds, cuts, ulcers and diseased skin surfaces. For example: Soframicine, dettol etc.

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Define Broad-spectrum antibiotics with a suitable example?

What is salvarsan?

(A) An antiseptic

(B) An antibiotic

(C) An antifertility drug

(D) An analgesic

Explain Tranquilizers

What use of drugs is used in sleeping pills?

Due to hectic and busy schedule, Mr Angad made his life full of tensions and anxiety. He started taking sleeping pills to overcome the depression without consulting the doctor. Mr Deepak, a close friend of Mr. Angad advised him to stop taking sleeping pills and suggested to change his life lifestyle by doing yoga, meditation and some physical exercise. Mr. Angad followed his friend’s advice and after few days he started feeling better.

After reading the above passage, answer the following

(i) What are the values (at least two) displayed by Mr. Deepak?

(ii) Why is it not advisable to take sleeping pills without consulting doctor?

(iii) What are tranquilisers? Give two examples.

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Sleeping pills are recommended by doctors to the patients suffering from sleeplessness but it is not advisable to take its doses without consultation with the doctor, Why?

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(A) malaria

(B) cancer


(D) yellow fever

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a. Cold HI
b. Hot HI

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Parathion is

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