Maharashtra State BoardHSC Arts 11th
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Give geographical reason: Human is an agent of weathering. - Geography

Short Note

Give a geographical reason:

Human is an agent of weathering.

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Human is an agent of weathering because 

  • Man is a biological agent of weathering. Due to economic and technological development, man has become the most powerful agent of weathering and erosion.
  • Mining, blasting of hills and ridges for road and dam construction, quarrying for industrial and building materials, etc., results in a fast rate of disintegration of rocks. 
  • Man accelerates the rate of weathering on hill slopes through activities like deforestation.
Concept: Weathering
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Balbharati Geography 11th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 2 Weathering and Mass Wasting
Exercise | Q 4.2 | Page 26
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