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Explain Pointer Array with Example. - Computer Science 1

Answer in Brief

 Explain pointer Array with example. 

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(1) An array is called pointer array, if each element of that array is a pointer.
(2) The variable is called as pointer variable, if it points to another variable i.e., it contains the memory address of other variable.
(3) Consider an organization, which divides its employee list into four groups, depending on certain conditions. Following figure shows the list of 4 groups. There are 15 employees and groups contain 2, 5, 4 and 4 employees respectively as

Group 1 Group  2 Group  3 Group 4
Deepak Swapnil Rajeep Yashwant
Nitin Amit Amol Chintamani
- Vivek Yogesh Kishore
- Ravi Shekhar  Rohit 
- Omprakash - -

Concept: Basic Data Structures (Stack, Queue, Dequeue)
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