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Differentiate between Folding and faulting - Geography

Distinguish Between

Differentiate between Folding and faulting

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Folding Faulting
Folds are bends in the rocks that are due to compressional forces. Faults are formed due to tensional forces along which displacement of rock takes place.
Folding occurs when compressional force is applied to rocks that are ductile or flexible Faults occur when force operating in opposite direction leads to tension and as a   result rocks develop cracks on the fissure.
Rocks that lie deep within the crust and are therefore under high pressure are generally ductile and particularly susceptible to folding without breaking. Rock layers that are near the earth's surface and not under high confining pressures are too rigid to bend into folds, but if tectonic forces are large, rocks break.
Folding leads to the development of fold mountains. For e.g., the Himalayas, the Alps, etc. Faulting results in the formation of block mountains like black forest mountains etc. and right valleys like the Narmada, Tapi, etc.
Concept: Folding
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Balbharati Geography 11th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 1 Earth Movements
Exercise | Q 6.1 | Page 14
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