Define income elasticity of demand. - Economics


Define income elasticity of demand. 



Income elasticity of demand is the degree to which the quantity requested of a commodity is responsive to variations in consumer income.

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What are the types of Elasticity of Demand.

Income elasticity of demand.

The demand for good rises by 20 percent as a result of all in its price. Its price elasticity of demand is (−) 0.8. Calculate the percentage fall in price.

How is price elasticity of demand affected by:

(i) Number of substitutes of available for the good.

(ii) Nature of the good.

Explain the relationship between

(i) Prices of other goods and demand for the given good.

(ii) Income of the buyers and demand for a good. 

Write an explanatory answer :

What is the price elasticity of demand? Explain the types of price elasticity of demand.

Write short answer for the following question :

Explain the Fectors Determinants of Elastacity of Demand?

State whether the following statements are True or False with reasons: 

The demand of a rich person is elastic. 

______ refers to the effects of a change in price of commodity X on demand for commodity Y when quantity demanded.

Which of the following points are related with effective demand?

Which of the following statement is true?

When the demand of a commodity is inelastic.

As we move along a downward sloping straight-line demand curve from left to right, price elasticity of demand ______

When price falls with rise in output, TR is ______ when MR is zero

The supply curve of good shifts to the right when the price of other goods ______.

Which of the following factor affects the individual demand?

When the actual price of a commodity is less than the equilibrium price, then equilibrium price ______

Which of the following statements is true?

If the price of a commodity and total expenditure on that commodity change in the same direction, the price elasticity of demand will be ______.

When can the income elasticity of demand be negative?


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