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Answer the Following Questions. What Are the Advantages and Limitations of Solar Energy? - Science and Technology 2

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Answer the following questions. 

 What are the advantages and limitations of solar energy?

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Advantages of solar energy:

  • Solar energy is green energy i.e. it is renewable and does not cause pollution.
  • Solar panels for the generation of electricity requires less maintenance.
  • With the help of solar energy, electricity is possible to be generated even in the most remote, inaccessible locations where electric power lines cannot be laid.

Limitations of solar energy: 

  • Electricity generation based on solar energy is weather dependent and hence it is less reliable. In winters and in cloudy days, the production becomes less. 
  • The whole set-up of the panels requires lot of space to generate considerable amount of electricity. 
  • The initial cost of a solar panel is sufficiently high.
Concept: Natural Gas Energy
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