Answer the Following Question as per Instructions:Framing Questions : - English

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Answer in Brief

Answer the following question as per instructions:
Framing Questions :
On the occasion of 'Annual Sports Prize Distribution' programme a well-known sports personality is invited in your college as a chief guest. As a sports secretary you have got an opportunity to interview him/her. Frame a set of 8-10 questions regarding his/her achievements, inspirations, best moment and prizes he/she has won.

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Ans. Today, I am glad to interview one of my favourite sports personality Mr. Virat Kohli. Thank you sir for your valuable time. We would like to know more about you.

(1) What is the role of sports in an individual's life?
(2) Do you think sports should be a part of our education system?
(3) Was that difficult for you to choose between job security and playing cricket which is your dream?
(4) What's your personal mantra?
(5) What is the key to become a successful sports person?
(6) Can you share your secret for staying cool under pressure?
7) Being a successful sportsperson you must have got lot of criticisms to hear. How do you handle them?
8) India has many achievements in sports internationally. How can we do better so that other sports students or athletes get a chance to do better globally?
9) Do you have any plans of opening any kind of sports academy or institution for students ?
10) How can India improve as a nation in sports ?
11) Any tips you would like to share with our students ?

Concept: Interview Questions
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