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An Object 20 Cm from a Spherical Mirror Gives Rise to Virtual Image 15 Cm Behind the Mirror. Determine the Magnification of the Image and the Type of Mirror Used. - Science

An object 20 cm from a spherical mirror gives rise to virtual image 15 cm behind the mirror. Determine the magnification of the image and the type of mirror used. 

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The distance of the object 'u' = -20 cm
Distance of the virtual image 'v' = 15 cm
We have to find the magnification 'm'.
Using the magnification formula, we get  
Thus, the image is virtual, erect and smaller in size.  
The mirror used here is convex, as it forms a smaller virtual image
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Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Physics (Science)
Chapter 4 Reflection of Light
Q 12 | Page 210
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