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A Magnifying Glass is a Converging Lens Placed Close to the Eye. a Farsighted Person Uses Spectacles Having Converging Lenses. - Physics

Short Note

A magnifying glass is a converging lens placed close to the eye. A farsighted person uses spectacles having converging lenses. Compare the functions of a converging lens used as a magnifying glass and as spectacles.

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A converging lens in a magnifying glass is of small focal length which is used to magnify an object which is placed close to the lens. On the other hand, converging lens used as spectacles is of varying focal length which depends upon the actual near point of the long-sighted person. It forms image at the near point of the defected eye which is further focussed by the eye lens.

Concept: Magnification
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HC Verma Class 11, 12 Concepts of Physics 1
Chapter 19 Optical Instruments
Q 5 | Page 430
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