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The complete list of CBSE Class 10 English Medium subjects is available here. The subjects on the list are arranged as required and optional subjects. Moreover, links to the Class 10 English Medium CBSE Solutions, Textbook Solutions, Mock Exam, MCQ, and Soft Copy of various textbooks are available.

The list and links below can guide Class 10 CBSE students looking for the required study materials.

English - Language and Literature

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 Important Solutions
Download NCERT English Words and Expressions Class 10 Textbook [26MB]

Information and Communication Technology


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 Important Solutions
Download NCERT Sanskrit - Shemushi Class 10 CBSE [संस्कृत - शेमुषी कक्षा १०] Textbook [10MB]

Download NCERT Sanskrit - Abhyaswaan Bhav Class 10 CBSE [संस्कृत - अभ्यासवान् भव कक्षा १०] Textbook [22MB]

Social Science

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Download NCERT Social Science - Political Science Democratic Politics 2 Class 10 CBSE Textbook [19MB]


Other Subjects and Resources

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Other subjects
Arabic (10th)
Assamese (10th)
Bahasa Melayu (10th)
Banking and Insurance (10)
Beauty and Wellness (10)
Bengali (10th)
Bhutia (10th)
Bodo (10th)
Carnatic Music-melodic Instruments (10th)
Carnatic Music-percussion Instruments (10th)
Carnatic Music-vocal (10th)
Elements of Book-keeping and Accountancy (10th)
Elements of Business (10th)
Food Production (10)
Foundation of Information Technology (10th)
French (10th)
Front Office Operation (10)
German (10th)
Gujarati (10th)
Gurung (10th)
Hindustani Music Melodic Instruments (10th)
Hindustani Music Percussion Instruments (10th)
Hindustani Music-vocal (10th)
Home Science (10th)
Information Technology (10)
Introduction to Financial Markets (10)
Introduction to Tourism (10)
Japanese (10th)
Kannada (10th)
Kashmiri (10th)
Lepcha (10th)
Limboo (10th)
Malayalam (10th)
Manipuri (10th)
Marathi (10th)
Marketing and Sales (10)
Mizo (10th)
National Cadet Corps (10th)
Nepali (10th)
Odia (10th)
Painting (10th)
Persian (10th)
Portuguese (10th)
Punjabi (10th)
Rai (10th)
Russian (10th)
Security (10)
Shepra (10th)
Sindhi (10th)
Spanish (10th)
Tamang (10th)
Tamil (10th)
Tangkhul (10th)
Telugu (10th)
Telugu - Telangana (10th)
Thai (10th)
Tibetan (10th)
Urdu (Course-A) (10th)
Urdu (Course-B) (10th)

CBSE Board Exam Class 10 – Solutions, Study Material, Papers 

One of the first significant events in a student's life is the CBSE Class 10 board exam. This stage of life shapes the students' future for the following years. The primary factor in determining whether students will be able to enrol in their preferred stream in the eleventh grade is the CBSE board 10th class result. The class 10 CBSE board exam serves as a gauge of a student's academic progress. To understand the concepts covered by the subject, students can consult each of the links on this page for 10th grade. 

CBSE Class 10 Subjects

The Class 10 Board is pivotal in a student's academic career. Students must study all the CBSE Class 10 subjects listed below, and the CBSE Board has created the curricula for each subject.

  1. Science
  2. Maths
  3. Social Science
  4. Hindi
  5. English

CBSE MCQs for Class 10

The CBSE Class 10 Term 2 Exam will have multiple choice and descriptive questions. Therefore, teachers must update their lesson plans to include these new questions. We have consequently developed CBSE MCQs for all the chapters most likely to be tested in the exam to aid them.

CBSE Syllabus for Class 10

Students in Class 10 can access the most recent course materials from for all subjects, according to the Class 10 CBSE Board. Students will perform better on exams if they study by the syllabus. The entire course structure, as well as the grading policy, projects, etc., are covered in the syllabus.

Previous Year Question Papers for CBSE Class 10

When studying for their Class 10 board exams, students often find reviewing Class 10 CBSE previous year's question papers helpful. The students can quickly gain an understanding of the subjects that are crucial from the standpoint of the examination by working through these previous year's question papers.



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