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English Medium Class 10 CBSE

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English - Language and Literature

Information and Communication Technology


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Download NCERT Sanskrit - Shemushi Class 10 CBSE [संस्कृत - शेमुषी कक्षा १०] Textbook [10MB]

Download NCERT Sanskrit - Abhyaswaan Bhav Class 10 CBSE [संस्कृत - अभ्यासवान् भव कक्षा १०] Textbook [22MB]

Social Science

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 Concept Notes & Videos
Download NCERT Social Science - Political Science Democratic Politics 2 Class 10 CBSE Textbook [19MB]

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Other Subjects and Resources

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Other subjects
Arabic (10th)
Assamese (10th)
Bahasa Melayu (10th)
Banking and Insurance (10)
Beauty and Wellness (10)
Bengali (10th)
Bhutia (10th)
Bodo (10th)
Carnatic Music-melodic Instruments (10th)
Carnatic Music-percussion Instruments (10th)
Carnatic Music-vocal (10th)
Elements of Book-keeping and Accountancy (10th)
Elements of Business (10th)
Food Production (10)
Foundation of Information Technology (10th)
French (10th)
Front Office Operation (10)
German (10th)
Gujarati (10th)
Gurung (10th)
Hindustani Music Melodic Instruments (10th)
Hindustani Music Percussion Instruments (10th)
Hindustani Music-vocal (10th)
Home Science (10th)
Information Technology (10)
Introduction to Financial Markets (10)
Introduction to Tourism (10)
Japanese (10th)
Kannada (10th)
Kashmiri (10th)
Lepcha (10th)
Limboo (10th)
Malayalam (10th)
Manipuri (10th)
Marathi (10th)
Marketing and Sales (10)
Mizo (10th)
National Cadet Corps (10th)
Nepali (10th)
Odia (10th)
Painting (10th)
Persian (10th)
Portuguese (10th)
Punjabi (10th)
Rai (10th)
Russian (10th)
Security (10)
Shepra (10th)
Sindhi (10th)
Spanish (10th)
Tamang (10th)
Tamil (10th)
Tangkhul (10th)
Telugu (10th)
Telugu - Telangana (10th)
Thai (10th)
Tibetan (10th)
Urdu (Course-A) (10th)
Urdu (Course-B) (10th)
CBSE Class 10 English Medium has the above-listed subjects. you can select any subject to view Solved Question papers, Textbook Solutions, Important Solutions, Syllabus and Explanations in each subject.
English Medium

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