Video tutorials - Social Science: India and the Contemporary World 2 - Livelihoods, Economies and Societies (Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE))



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Subject:   Social Science
Topic:   India and the Contemporary World 2 - Livelihoods, Economies and Societies



1. The making of Global World:

  1. Contrast between the form of industrialization in Britain and India.
  2. Relationship between handicrafts and industrial production, formal and informal sectors.
  3. Livelihood of workers. Case studies : Britain and India.

2. The Age of Indutrialisation:

  1. Patterns of urbanization
  2. Migration and the growth of towns.
  3. Social change and urban life.
  4. Merchants, middle classes, workers and urban poor

Case Studies: London and Bombay in the nineteenth and twentieth century.

3. Work, Life and Leisure:

  1. Expansion and integration of the world market in the nineteenth and early twentieth century.
  2. Trade and economy between the two Wars.
  3. Shifts after the 1950s.
  4. Implications of globalization for livelihood patterns.Case study : The post War International Economic order, 1945 to 1960s.


  • Discuss two different patterns of industrialization, one in the imperial country and another within a colony.
  • Show the relationship between different sectors of production.
  • Show the difference between urbanization in two different contexts. A focus on Bombay and London will allow the discussions on urbanization and industrialization to complement each other.
  • Show that globalizaton has a long history and point to the shifts within the process.
  • Analyze the implication of globalization for local economies.