Video tutorials - Business Studies: Business Finance and Marketing - Marketing Management (Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE))



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We have provided more than 1 series of video tutorials for some topics to help you get a better understanding of the topic.

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Marketing Management




  • Selling and Marketing- Concept
  • Marketing Management- Concept Marketing Functions
  • Marketing management philosophies Marketing Mix - Concept and elements
  • Product branding,labelling and packaging - Concept
  • Price- Concept, Factors determining price
  • Physical Distribution - concept and components, channels of distribut on: types, choice of channels.
  • Promotion - Concept and elements;
  • Advertising­ concept, role, objections against advertising,
  • Personal selling- concept and qualities of a good salesman,
  • Sales Promotion- concept and techniques,
  • Public Relations- concept and role

Learning Outcomes-

After going through this unit, the student/ learner would be able to:

  • Understand the concept of selling, marketing
  • Explain the features of marketing.
  • Distinguish between marketing and selling
  • Describe the concept of marketing management
  • Discuss the functions of marketing
  • Explain marketing management philosophies
  • Understand the concept of marketing mix
  • Describe the elements of marketing mix
  • Understand the concept of product as an element of marketing mix.
  • Understand the concept of branding, labelling and packaging.
  • Understand the concept of price as an element of marketing mix.
  • Describe the factors determining price of a product.
  • Understand the concept of physical distribution
  • Explain the components of physical distribution.
  • Describe the various types of channels of distribution.
  • Discuss the factors determining the choice of channels of distribution.
  • Understand the concept of promotion as an element of marketing mix.
  • Describe the elements of promotion mix.
  • Understand the concept of advertising.
  • Describe the role of advert sing.
  • Examine the object ons to advertising.
  • Understand the concept of personal selling.
  • Discuss the qualit es of a good salesman.
  • Understand the concept of sales promotion.
  • Explain the commonly used techniques of sales promotion.
  • Discuss the concept and role of public relations.