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CBSE (Science) (Class 12) time table for 2021-2022

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Time Table for CBSE Time Table - Class 12 (2021-2022 April)
Entrepreneurship26 Apr 202210:302h
Biotechnology28 Apr 202210:302h
Engineering Graphics28 Apr 202210:302h
Library and Information Science28 Apr 202210:301h30m
Hindi (Core)02 May 202210:302h
Hindi (Elective)02 May 202210:302h
Dance Kathak04 May 202210:301h
Dance Bharatnatyam04 May 202210:301h
Dance Kuchipudi04 May 202210:301h
Dance Odissi04 May 202210:301h
Dance Manipuri04 May 202210:301h
Dance Kathakali04 May 202210:301h
Sociology06 May 202210:302h
Chemistry07 May 202210:302h
Assamese11 May 202210:302h
Bengali11 May 202210:302h
Bodo11 May 202210:302h
Gujarati11 May 202210:302h
Kannada11 May 202210:302h
Marathi11 May 202210:302h
Malayalam11 May 202210:302h
Manipuri11 May 202210:302h
Odia11 May 202210:302h
Punjabi11 May 202210:302h
Sindhi11 May 202210:302h
Tamil11 May 202210:302h
Telugu11 May 202210:302h
Limboo11 May 202210:302h
Lepcha11 May 202210:302h
Bhutia11 May 202210:302h
Arabic11 May 202210:302h
Nepali11 May 202210:302h
Tibetan11 May 202210:302h
French11 May 202210:302h
German11 May 202210:302h
Russian11 May 202210:302h
Spanish11 May 202210:302h
Kashmiri11 May 202210:302h
Mizo11 May 202210:302h
Japanese11 May 202210:302h
Tangkhul11 May 202210:302h
Telugu - Telangana11 May 202210:302h
English Elective - NCERT13 May 202210:302h
English Core13 May 202210:302h
Geography18 May 202210:302h
Fashion Studies19 May 202210:301h30m
Physics20 May 202210:302h
Political Science24 May 202210:302h
Home Science25 May 202210:302h
Hindustani Music (Vocal)26 May 202210:301h
Hindustani Music (Melodic Instrument)26 May 202210:301h
Hindustani Music (Percussion Instrumental)26 May 202210:301h
Biology30 May 202210:302h
Knowledge Traditions and Practices of India31 May 202210:302h
Urdu (Core)31 May 202210:302h
Urdu (Elective)31 May 202210:302h
Sanskrit (Elective)31 May 202210:302h
Carnatic Music (Vocal)31 May 202210:301h
Carnatic Music (Melodic Instrumental)31 May 202210:301h
Carnatic Music (Percussion Instrumental)31 May 202210:301h
Agriculture01 Jun 202210:301h30m
Mass Media Studies01 Jun 202210:301h30m
Physical Education02 Jun 202210:302h
National Cadet Corps (N.C.C.)04 Jun 202210:302h
Fine Arts (Painting)06 Jun 202210:301h
Fine Arts (Graphics)06 Jun 202210:301h
Fine Arts (Sculpture)06 Jun 202210:301h
Fine Arts (Applied Art-Commercial Art)06 Jun 202210:301h
Mathematics07 Jun 202210:302h
History10 Jun 202210:302h
Computer Science (Python)13 Jun 202210:302h
Informatics Practices13 Jun 202210:302h
Legal Studies14 Jun 202210:302h
Sanskrit (Core)14 Jun 202210:302h
Psychology15 Jun 202210:302h

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