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NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Physics

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Physics -
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Physics Textbook for Class 11

Author: NCERT
Publisher: NCERT
Language: English

Shaalaa provides solutions for NCERT Class 11 and has all the answers for the questions given in Physics Textbook for Class 11. Shaalaa is surely a site that most of your classmates are using to perform well in exams.

You can solve Physics Textbook for Class 11 textbook questions and use Shaalaa NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Physics to verify your answers.

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NCERT Class 11 solutions for other subjects

We also provide solutions for other subjects to help you top the exams. These NCERT solutions are specially curated with respect to the exam pattern and old papers. Find the best questions and solutions here. Click now to access it.

Chapters covered in NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Physics

NCERT Class 11 Physics (11th) Chapter 1: Physical World solutions

Concepts covered in Physical World are Fundamental Forces in Nature, Nature of Physical Laws, Physics, Physics Related to Technology and Society, Scope and Excitement of Physics

NCERT Class 11 Physics (11th) Chapter 2: Units and Measurements solutions

Concepts covered in Units and Measurements are Accuracy, Precision and Least Count of Measuring Instruments, Dimensional Analysis and Its Applications, Dimensional Formulae and Dimensional Equations, Dimensions of Physical Quantities, Errors in Measurements, Fundamental and Derived Units, International System of Units, Introduction of Units and Measurements, Length, Mass and Time Measurements, Measurement of Length, Measurement of Mass, Measurement of Time, Need for Measurement, Significant Figures, Units of Measurement

NCERT Class 11 Physics (11th) Chapter 3: Motion in a Straight Line solutions

Concepts covered in Motion in a Straight Line are Acceleration (Average and Instantaneous), Average Velocity and Average Speed, Elementary Concept of Differentiation and Integration for Describing Motion, Instantaneous Velocity and Speed, Introduction of Motion in One Dimension, Kinematic Equations for Uniformly Accelerated Motion, Position, Path Length and Displacement, Position - Time Graph, Position-time, Velocity-time and Acceleration-time Graphs, Relations for Uniformly Accelerated Motion (Graphical Treatment), Relative Velocity, Uniform and Non-Uniform Motion, Uniformly Accelerated Motion

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NCERT Class 11 Physics (11th) Chapter 4: Motion in a Plane solutions

Concepts covered in Motion in a Plane are Addition and Subtraction of Vectors - Graphical Method, Angular Velocity, Cases of Uniform Acceleration Projectile Motion, Cases of Uniform Velocity, General Vectors and Their Notations, Introduction of Motion in One Dimension, Motion in a Plane, Motion in a Plane - Average Acceleration and Instantaneous Acceleration, Motion in a Plane - Average Velocity and Instantaneous Velocity, Motion in a Plane with Constant Acceleration, Multiplication of Vectors by a Real Number or Scalar, Projectile Motion, Rectangular Components, Relative Velocity in Two Dimensions, Resolution of Vectors, Scalar (Dot) and Vector (Cross) Product of Vectors, Scalars and Vectors, Uniform Circular Motion (UCM), Vector Addition – Analytical Method

NCERT Class 11 Physics (11th) Chapter 4: Motion in a Plane exercises

ExerciseNo. of questionsPages
Exercises1386 to 87

NCERT Class 11 Physics (11th) Chapter 5: Laws of Motion solutions

Concepts covered in Laws of Motion are Aristotle’s Fallacy, Circular Motion and Its Characteristics, Common Forces in Mechanics, Conservation of Momentum, Dynamics of Uniform Circular Motion - Centripetal Force, Equilibrium of a Particle, Examples of Circular Motion (Vehicle on a Level Circular Road, Vehicle on a Banked Road), Inertia, Introduction of Motion in One Dimension, Intuitive Concept of Force, Law of Conservation of Linear Momentum and Its Applications, Laws of Friction, Lubrication - (Laws of Motion), Newton's First Law of Motion, Newton’s Second Law of Motion, Newton's Third Law of Motion, Rolling Friction, Solving Problems in Mechanics, Static and Kinetic Friction, The Law of Inertia

NCERT Class 11 Physics (11th) Chapter 6: Work, Energy and Power solutions

Concepts covered in Work, Energy and Power are Collisions, Concept of Work, Conservation of Mechanical Energy, Introduction of Work, Energy and Power, Kinetic Energy, Non - Conservative Forces - Motion in a Vertical Circle, Notions of Work and Kinetic Energy: the Work-Energy Theorem, Potential Energy of a Spring, Power, The Concept of Potential Energy, Various Forms of Energy : the Law of Conservation of Energy, Work Done by a Constant Force and a Variable Force

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NCERT Class 11 Physics (11th) Chapter 7: System of Particles and Rotational Motion solutions

Concepts covered in System of Particles and Rotational Motion are Angular Momentum in Case of Rotation About a Fixed Axis, Angular Velocity and Its Relation with Linear Velocity, Centre of Mass, Centre of Mass of a Rigid Body, Centre of Mass of a Uniform Rod, Comparison of Linear and Rotational Motions, Dynamics of Rotational Motion About a Fixed Axis, Equations of Rotational Motion, Equilibrium of Rigid Body, Kinematics of Rotational Motion About a Fixed Axis, Linear Momentum of a System of Particles, Moment of Inertia, Momentum Conservation and Centre of Mass Motion, Motion of Centre of Mass, Motion - Rigid Body, Rigid Body Rotation, Rolling Motion, Theorems of Perpendicular and Parallel Axes, Torque and Angular Momentum, Values of Moments of Inertia for Simple Geometrical Objects (No Derivation), Vector Product of Two Vectors

NCERT Class 11 Physics (11th) Chapter 7: System of Particles and Rotational Motion exercises

ExerciseNo. of questionsPages

NCERT Class 11 Physics (11th) Chapter 8: Gravitation solutions

Concepts covered in Gravitation are Acceleration Due to Gravity and Its Variation with Altitude and Depth, Acceleration Due to Gravity Below and Above the Earth's Surface, Acceleration Due to Gravity of the Earth, Earth Satellites, Energy of an Orbiting Satellite, Escape Speed, Escape Velocity, Geostationary and Polar Satellites, Gravitational Potential Energy, Kepler’s Laws, Newton’s Universal Law of Gravitation, Orbital Velocity of a Satellite, The Gravitational Constant, Weightlessness

NCERT Class 11 Physics (11th) Chapter 9: Mechanical Properties of Solids solutions

Concepts covered in Mechanical Properties of Solids are Application of Elastic Behaviour of Materials, Bulk Modulus, Determination of Young’s Modulus of the Material of a Wire, Elastic Behaviour of Solid, Elastic Energy, Hooke’s Law, Shear Modulus or Modulus of Rigidity, Stress and Strain, Stress-strain Curve, Young’s Modulus

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NCERT Class 11 Physics (11th) Chapter 10: Mechanical Properties of Fluids solutions

Concepts covered in Mechanical Properties of Fluids are Applications of Bernoulli’s Equation, Archimedes' Principle, Atmospheric Pressure and Gauge Pressure, Critical Velocity, Effect of Gravity on Fluid Pressure, Equation of Continuity, Excess of Pressure Across a Curved Surface, Hydraulic Machines, Introduction of Mechanical Properties of Fluids, Pascal’s Law, Reynold's Number, Stoke's Law, Streamline and Turbulent Flow, Surface Tension, Terminal Velocity, Thrust and Pressure, Torricelli's Law, Variation of Pressure with Depth, Viscous Force or Viscosity

NCERT Class 11 Physics (11th) Chapter 11: Thermal Properties of Matter solutions

Concepts covered in Thermal Properties of Matter are Anomalous Expansion of Water, Calorimetry, Change of State - Latent Heat Capacity, Conduction, Convection, Green House Effect, Heat and Temperature, Ideal-gas Equation and Absolute Temperature, Liquids and Gases, Measurement of Temperature, Newton’s Law of Cooling, Qualitative Ideas of Black Body Radiation, Radiation, Specific Heat Capacity, Stefan's Law, Thermal Expansion, Thermal Expansion of Solids, Wien's Displacement Law

NCERT Class 11 Physics (11th) Chapter 12: Thermodynamics solutions

Concepts covered in Thermodynamics are Adiabatic Processes, Carnot Engine, First Law of Thermodynamics, Heat Engine, Heat, Internal Energy and Work, Isothermal Processes, Refrigerators and Heat Pumps, Reversible and Irreversible Processes, Second Law of Thermodynamics, Specific Heat Capacity, Thermal Equilibrium, Thermodynamic Process, Thermodynamic State Variables and Equation of State, Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics

NCERT Class 11 Physics (11th) Chapter 13: Kinetic Theory solutions

Concepts covered in Kinetic Theory are Assumptions of Kinetic Theory of Gases, Avogadro's Number, Degrees of Freedom, Equation of State of a Perfect Gas, Gases and Its Characteristics, Interpretation of Temperature in Kinetic Theory, Introduction of Kinetic Theory of an Ideal Gas, Kinetic Theory of Gases - Concept of Pressure, Law of Equipartition of Energy, Mean Free Path, Molecular Nature of Matter, RMS Speed of Gas Molecules, Specific Heat Capacities - Gases, Work Done in Compressing a Gas

NCERT Class 11 Physics (11th) Chapter 14: Oscillations solutions

Concepts covered in Oscillations are Damped Simple Harmonic Motion, Displacement as a Function of Time, Energy in Simple Harmonic Motion, Forced Oscillations and Resonance, Force Law for Simple Harmonic Motion, Oscillations - Frequency, Periodic and Oscillatory Motion, Periodic Functions, Simple Harmonic Motion and Uniform Circular Motion, Simple Harmonic Motion (S.H.M.), Some Systems Executing Simple Harmonic Motion, Velocity and Acceleration in Simple Harmonic Motion

NCERT Class 11 Physics (11th) Chapter 15: Waves solutions

Concepts covered in Waves are Beats, Displacement Relation for a Progressive Wave, Doppler Effect, Introduction of Reflection of Waves, Principle of Superposition of Waves, Reflection of Transverse and Longitudinal Waves, Speed of Wave Motion, Standing Waves and Normal Modes, The Speed of a Travelling Wave, Wave Motion

Exam stress is only inevitable and as the days draw closer, so do the pre-exam jitters. While managing stress is completely dependent on every individual student and how well they manage to make the best use of time, covering all the basics, will only ensure that you are well prepared and are ready to tackle the exam in the most effective manner. In order to ace your exams, you need to understand which subjects pose the biggest challenge and once you have recognized that, you can then proceed to prepare a schedule where you dedicate more time to that particular subject. It is this crucial step that will decide whether or not you will be able to successfully ace your exams. Challenging and complicated subjects such as class 11 physics solutions require a student to dedicate more time and energy into acing and getting a firm grip on, and with the right notes and study material, you can be assured that you will successfully ace your exams.

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Physics

Class 11 NCERT solutions answers all the questions given in the NCERT textbooks in a step-by-step process. Our Physics tutors have helped us put together this for our Class 11 Students. The solutions on Shaalaa will help you solve all the NCERT Class 11 Physics (11th) questions without any problems. Every chapter has been broken down systematically for the students, which gives fast learning and easy retention.

Shaalaa provides free NCERT solutions for Class 11 Physics. Shaalaa has carefully crafted NCERT solutions for Class 11 Physics (11th) that can help you understand the concepts and learn how to answer properly in your board exams. You can also share our link for free Class 11 Physics (11th) NCERT solutions with your classmates.

If you have any doubts while going through our Class 11 Physics (11th) NCERT solutions, then you can go through our Video Tutorials for Physics (11th). The tutorials should help you better understand the concepts.

Frequently asked questions about NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Physics

How can class 11 physics NCERT solutions help you?

Class 11 is a crucial year in the academic career of every student, as it serves as a platform and testing ground for the following year, where students will need to appear for their class 12 board exam. With the right sort of study material, students can put their doubts and confusion at ease. Good study material, especially for challenging subjects, such as Physics, which requires superior study material, such as class 11 physics NCERT Solutions, which through simplified explanations, expert tips, and an abundance of notes and reference materials and examples, can help students prepare for the exams, using solutions of NCERT class 11 physics.

How Class 11 NCERT Physics solutions can help you score well?

Having access to the best study material such as physics class 11 NCERT Solutions is only bound to increase your chances of scoring well and giving you a competitive edge over your peers. With the help of Shaalaa’s Class 11 NCERT Physics Solutions not only will you get an elaborate understanding of every chapter and doubt that may arise in your mind, but through interesting methods, we intend to provide the easiest and most effective study material, that will keep the student engrossed in his/her books for long, thus making the subject a lot more enjoyable.

Can one find NCERT class 11 physics Solutions online?

With the amount of study material and reference notes available online, it becomes extremely important to understand what you can utilize to help you get a competitive edge over the rest. While looking for class 11th NCERT Solutions physics online, looking for a website, that will help you put your doubts at ease is important, as there are other websites that provide a lot of incorrect and sometimes flawed study material and techniques out there. At, we have a dedicated and experienced team of teachers and professors, who understand the complexities of class 11 NCERT physics solutions and through innovative teaching methods and explanations, help put the student's doubts and minds at ease.

How to use Class 11 NCERT Physics solutions to your advantage?

Having access to good quality study material is just one part, but to make the best use of the same and timely revision and practice will separate the best from the rest. By downloading and practicing from previous year’s question papers, from, students can make the best use of the available time at hand, to ensure that they are ready to face the challenges that the exams can throw their way.
At Shaalaa, we constantly update our study material, tips, notes, and reference material, to ensure that nothing becomes monotonous and students find the subjects interesting and fun to study.

Finding the best Class 11 Physics (11th) NCERT solutions is very important if you want to fully prepare for the exam. It's crucial to ensure that you are fully prepared for any challenges that can arise, and that's why heavy, professional focus on Physics NCERT Class 11 solutions can be a very good idea. As you learn the solutions, it's a lot easier for you to obtain the results you want and the experience itself can be staggering every time.

NCERT Class 11 Physics (11th) Guide Book Back Answers

We hope that the following CBSE NCERT Class 11 Physics (11th) Book Answers Solutions Guide Pdf Free Download in English Medium would be of use to you. Answer material is developed as per the latest exam pattern and is part of NCERT Class 11 Books Solutions. You will not miss any topics or concepts discussed in the book and will get more conceptual knowledge from the study material. If you have any questions about the CBSE New Syllabus Class 11 Class 11 Physics (11th) Guide Pdf of Text Book Back Questions and Answers, Notes, Chapter Wise Important Questions, Model Questions, and so on, please contact us.

Comprehensive NCERT solutions for Class 11 Physics

It's very important to have the NCERT solutions for Class 11 Physics as they can offer a good guideline in regards to what you need to improve. If you want to get better and better, you need to push the boundaries and take things to the next level. That certainly helps a lot and it can bring in front a tremendous array of benefits every time. It pushes the experience to the next level, and the payoff alone can be extraordinary.

What you want from the NCERT solution of Physics (11th) of Class 11 is a lot of accuracy. Without accurate solutions you'll never have the results and value you want. That's why you want quality, reliability and consistency with something like this. If you have it, things will certainly be amazing and you will get to pursue your dreams.

Proper formatting

If you acquire the Physics NCERT Class 11 solutions from this page, they are fully formatted and ready to use. This helps make the experience simpler and more convenient, while offering the results and value you need. That's what you want to pursue, a true focus on quality and value, and the payoff can be great thanks to that.

All the NCERT Class 11 Physics solutions here cover all 15 chapters. As a result, you will be able to fully prepare for the exam adequately and without having to worry about missing anything. You rarely get such a benefit, and that on its own is what really makes the Class 11 Physics NCERT solutions provided here such an extraordinary advantage that you can always rely on. Just consider giving it a try for yourself and you will find it very comprehensive, professional and convenient at the same time.

Our NCERT solutions for Class 11 Physics cover everything from Physical World, Units and Measurements, Motion in a Straight Line, Motion in a Plane, Laws of Motion, Work, Energy and Power, System of Particles and Rotational Motion, Gravitation, Mechanical Properties of Solids, Mechanical Properties of Fluids, Thermal Properties of Matter, Thermodynamics, Kinetic Theory, Oscillations, Waves and the other topics. Yes, these are the best NCERT 12 Physics solution options on the market. You get to fully prepare for the exam in a reliable and comprehensive manner. You just have to check it out for yourself and the experience can be really impressive.

Don't hesitate and check our Class 11 Physics solutions today if you want to handle this exam with great ease. It will offer an extraordinary experience every time and you will not have to worry about any issues. Just browse our solutions right now and you will find yourself mastering the NCERT exam questions in no time!

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