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Frank Solutions for ICSE Class 10 Physics Part 2

Frank Solutions for ICSE Class 10 Physics Part 2 Chapterwise List - Free

The answers for the Frank books are the best study material for students. These Frank Solutions for ICSE Class 10 Physics Part 2 will help students understand the concepts better.

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Frank Solutions for ICSE Class 10 Physics Part 2 -
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ICSE Class 10 Physics Part 2

Author: Frank
Publisher: Frank Brothers
Language: English

Shaalaa provides solutions for Frank Class 10 and has all the answers for the questions given in ICSE Class 10 Physics Part 2. Shaalaa is surely a site that most of your classmates are using to perform well in exams.

You can solve ICSE Class 10 Physics Part 2 textbook questions and use Shaalaa Frank Solutions for Class 10 Physics to verify your answers.

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Frank Class 10 solutions for other subjects

We also provide solutions for other subjects to help you top the exams. These Frank solutions are specially curated with respect to the exam pattern and old papers. Find the best questions and solutions here. Click now to access it.

Chapters covered in Frank Solutions for ICSE Class 10 Physics Part 2

Frank Class 10 Physics (10th) Chapter 1: Force, Work, Energy and Power solutions

Concepts covered in Force, Work, Energy and Power are Application of Principle of Conservation of Energy to a Simple Pendulum, Centre of Gravity, Centrifugal Forces, Centripetal Acceleration and Centripetal Force, Classes of Lever, Combination of Pulleys, Concept of Energy, Concept of Power, Conversion of Potential Energy into Kinetic Energy, Couple, Definition of Work, Different Forms of Energy, Equilibrium of Bodies and Its Types, Force, Gravitational Potential Energy, Introduction of Work, Kinetic Energy, Lever, Machines, Machines (Numerical), Measurement of Work, Mechanical Energy and Its Different Forms, Moment of Force Or Torque, Potential Energy, Principle of Conservation of Energy, Principle of Machine, Principle of Moments, Pulley, Relationship between efficiency (ղ), mechanical advantage (M.A.) and velocity ratio (VR), Simple Machines, Single Fixed Pulley, Single Movable Pulley, Technical Terms Related to a Machine, Theoretical verification of K + U = Constant for a freely falling body, Transformation of Energy, Translational and Rotational Motions, Turning Effect of a Force, Types of Kinetic Energy, Types of Potential Energy, Uniform Circular Motion (UCM), Work Done by the Force of Gravity (W = mgh)

Frank Class 10 Physics (10th) Chapter 1: Force, Work, Energy and Power exercises

ExerciseNo. of questionsPages
Exercise10156 to 61
Exercise 1.12413 to 14
Exercise 1.21317 to 28
Exercise 1.32628 to 29
Exercise 1.45237 to 39
Exercise 1.56653 to 54

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Frank Class 10 Physics (10th) Chapter 2: Light solutions

Concepts covered in Light are Action of a Lens as a Set of Prisms, Apparent Bending of a Stick Under Water, Applications of Scattering of Light, Colour in White Light with Their Wavelength and Frequency Range, Concave Lens, Concept of Prism, Convex Lens, Critical Angle, Deviation Produced by a Triangular Prism, Differentiation Between Concave and Convex Lens, Different Radiation of Electromagnetic Spectrum, Dispersion of Light Through Prism and Formation of Spectrum, Electromagnetic Spectrum, Experimental Determination of Focal Length of Convex Lens, Experimental Verification of Law of Refraction, Formation of Image by Reflection: Real and Virtual Image, Gamma Rays, Guideline for Image Formation Due to Refraction Through a Convex and Concave Lens, Images Formed by Sperical Lenses, Images Formed Due to Refraction Through a Concave Lens, Images Formed Due to Refraction Through a Convex Lens, Infrared Radiations, Law of Refraction of Light, Lens, Lens Formula, Magnification Due to Spherical Lenses, Magnifying Glass Or Simple Microscope, Micro Waves, Multiple Images in a Thick Plane Glass Plate Or Thick Mirror, Power of a Lens, Principle of Reversibility of the Path of Light, Radio Waves, Real and Apparent Depth, Refraction of Light, Refraction of Light Through a Prism, Refraction of Light Through a Rectangular Glass Slab, Refraction of Light Through the Equiconvex Lens and Equiconcave Lens, Refractive Index, Relationship Between Refractive Index and Speed of Light (µ = C/V), Relationship Between the Critical Angle and the Refractive Index (µ = 1/ Sin C), Scattering of Light and Its Types, Sign Convention for Spherical Lenses, Speed of Light, Spherical Lens, Total Internal Reflection, Total Internal Reflection in a Prism, Transmission of Light from a Denser Medium (Glass Or Water) to a Rarer Medium (Air) at Different Angles of Incidence, Ultraviolet Radiations, Visible Light, X rays

Frank Class 10 Physics (10th) Chapter 2: Light exercises

ExerciseNo. of questionsPages
Exercise40112 to 119
Exercise 2.13488 to 89
Exercise 2.223101 to 110
Exercise 2.324109 to 145

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Frank Class 10 Physics (10th) Chapter 3: Sound solutions

Concepts covered in Sound are Audibility and Range, Characteristics of a Sound Wave, Damped Vibrations, Demonstration of Resonance, Difference Between the Sound and Light Waves, Echoes, Forced Vibrations, Loudness and Intensity, Natural Vibrations, Noise and Music, Noise Pollution, Pitch (or shrillness) and frequency, Properties of Sounds, Quality (Or Timbre) and Wave Form, Reflection of Sound, Resonance, Sound, Sound (Numerical)

Frank Class 10 Physics (10th) Chapter 3: Sound exercises

ExerciseNo. of questionsPages
Exercise39148 to 149
Exercise 3.141135 to 136
Exercise 3.221145 to 146

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Frank Class 10 Physics (10th) Chapter 4: Current Electricity solutions

Concepts covered in Current Electricity are Alternating Current (A.C.) Generator, Applications of Electromagnets, Choice of Material of a Wire, Circuits with Dual Control Switches (Staircase Wire), Colour Coding of Live, Neutral, and Earth Wires, Commercial Unit of Electrical Energy, Direct Current Motor, Distinction Between an A.C. Generator and D.C. Motor, Earthing (Grounding), Effects of Electric Current, Electrical Energy, Electrical Power, Electrical Resistivity and Electrical Conductivity, Electric Charge, Electric Circuit, Electric Current, Electric Fuse, Electric Potential (Electrostatic Potential) and Potential Difference, Electric Switch, Electromagnet, Electromagnetic Induction, Electro-motive Force (E.M.F.) of a Cell, Experimental Verification of Ohm’s Law, Faraday's Laws of Electromagnetic Induction, Force on a Current Carrying Conductor in a Magnetic Field, Heating Effect of Electric Current, High Tension Wires, Household Consumption of Electric Energy, Household Electrical Circuits, House Wiring (Ring System), Internal Resistance of a Cell, Magnetic Effect of Electric Current, Magnetic Field Due to a Current Carrying Straight Conductor, Magnetic Field Due to a Current Carving Cylindrical Coil (or Solenoid), Magnetic Field Due to Current in a Loop (Or Circular Coil), Making of an Electromagnet, Measurement of Electrical Energy (Expression W = QV = Vlt), Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB), Ohmic and Non-ohmic Resistors, Ohm's Law, Parallel Connection of Series Resistors, Permanent Magnet and Electromagnet, Power Rating of Appliances, Precautions to Be Taken While Using Electricity, Resistance (R), Resistances in Parallel, Resistors in Series, Rule to Find the Direction of Magnetic Field, Series Connection of Parallel Resistors, Superconductors, System of Resistors, Terminal Voltage of a Cell, Three-pin Plug and Socket, Transformer, Transmission of Power from the Power Generating Station to the Consumer, Types of current: Alternating Current (A.C.) and Direct Current (D.C.), Types of Transformer

Frank Class 10 Physics (10th) Chapter 4: Current Electricity exercises

ExerciseNo. of questionsPages
Exercise91209 to 217
Exercise 4.160173 to 175
Exercise 4.247187 to 199
Exercise 4.332205 to 206

Frank Class 10 Physics (10th) Chapter 5: Heat solutions

Concepts covered in Heat are Calorimetry and Calorimeter, Change of State of Matter, Concept of Boiling (Vaporization), Concept of Condensation (Liquefaction), Concept of Freezing (Solidification), Concept of Melting (Fusion), Explanation of Latent Heat of Melting on the Basis of Kinetic Model, Heat and Its Unit, Heat and Temperature, Heat Capacity Or Thermal Capacity, Latent Heat and Specific Latent Heat, Natural Phenomena and Consequences of High Specific Heat Capacity of Water, Relationship Between the Heat Capacity and Specfic Heat Capacity, Some Examples of High and Low Heat Capacity, Specific Heat Capacity, Specific Latent Heat of Fusion of Ice, Temperatures

Frank Class 10 Physics (10th) Chapter 5: Heat exercises

ExerciseNo. of questionsPages
Exercise64229 to 248
Exercise 5.145233 to 234
Exercise 5.253241 to 243

Frank Class 10 Physics (10th) Chapter 6: Modern Physics solutions

Concepts covered in Modern Physics are Alpha Decay (Alpha Emission), Atomic Mass, Atomic Number (Z), Mass Number (A), and Number of Neutrons (n), Atoms: Building Blocks of Matter, Beta Decay (Beta Emission), Changes Within the Nucleus in Alpha, Beta and Gamma Emission, Discovery of Charged Particles in Matter, Distinction Between the Nuclear Fission and Nuclear Fusion, Distinction Between the Radioactive Decay and Nuclear Fission, Gamma Decay (Gamma Emission), Isobars, Isotones or Isoneutronic, Isotopes, Nuclear Energy, Nuclear Fission, Nuclear Fusion, Nucleus, Properties of Alpha Particles, Properties of Beta Particles, Properties of Gamma Radiations, Radiation, Radioactivity, Radioactivity as Emission of Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Radiations, Safety Precautions While Using Nuclear Energy, Structure of an Atom, Uses of Radioactivity

Frank Class 10 Physics (10th) Chapter 6: Modern Physics exercises

ExerciseNo. of questionsPages
Exercise23266 to 267
Exercise 6.127261 to 262

Frank Solutions for ICSE Class 10 Physics Part 2

Class 10 Frank solutions answers all the questions given in the Frank textbooks in a step-by-step process. Our Physics tutors have helped us put together this for our Class 10 Students. The solutions on Shaalaa will help you solve all the Frank Class 10 Physics (10th) questions without any problems. Every chapter has been broken down systematically for the students, which gives fast learning and easy retention.

Shaalaa provides free Frank solutions for ICSE Class 10 Physics Part 2. Shaalaa has carefully crafted Frank solutions for Class 10 Physics (10th) that can help you understand the concepts and learn how to answer properly in your board exams. You can also share our link for free Class 10 Physics (10th) Frank solutions with your classmates.

If you have any doubts while going through our Class 10 Physics (10th) Frank solutions, then you can go through our Video Tutorials for Physics (10th). The tutorials should help you better understand the concepts.

Finding the best Class 10 Physics (10th) Frank solutions is very important if you want to fully prepare for the exam. It's crucial to ensure that you are fully prepared for any challenges that can arise, and that's why heavy, professional focus on Physics Frank Class 10 solutions can be a very good idea. As you learn the solutions, it's a lot easier for you to obtain the results you want and the experience itself can be staggering every time.

Frank Class 10 Physics (10th) Guide Book Back Answers

We hope that the following CISCE Frank Class 10 Physics (10th) Book Answers Solutions Guide Pdf Free Download in English Medium would be of use to you. Answer material is developed as per the latest exam pattern and is part of Frank Class 10 Books Solutions. You will not miss any topics or concepts discussed in the book and will get more conceptual knowledge from the study material. If you have any questions about the CISCE New Syllabus Class 10 Class 10 Physics (10th) Guide Pdf of Text Book Back Questions and Answers, Notes, Chapter Wise Important Questions, Model Questions, and so on, please contact us.

Comprehensive Frank solutions for ICSE Class 10 Physics Part 2

It's very important to have the Frank solutions for ICSE Class 10 Physics Part 2 as they can offer a good guideline in regards to what you need to improve. If you want to get better and better, you need to push the boundaries and take things to the next level. That certainly helps a lot and it can bring in front a tremendous array of benefits every time. It pushes the experience to the next level, and the payoff alone can be extraordinary.

What you want from the Frank solution of Physics (10th) of Class 10 is a lot of accuracy. Without accurate solutions you'll never have the results and value you want. That's why you want quality, reliability and consistency with something like this. If you have it, things will certainly be amazing and you will get to pursue your dreams.

Proper formatting

If you acquire the Physics Frank Class 10 solutions from this page, they are fully formatted and ready to use. This helps make the experience simpler and more convenient, while offering the results and value you need. That's what you want to pursue, a true focus on quality and value, and the payoff can be great thanks to that.

All the Frank ICSE Class 10 Physics Part 2 solutions here cover all 6 chapters. As a result, you will be able to fully prepare for the exam adequately and without having to worry about missing anything. You rarely get such a benefit, and that on its own is what really makes the ICSE Class 10 Physics Part 2 Frank solutions provided here such an extraordinary advantage that you can always rely on. Just consider giving it a try for yourself and you will find it very comprehensive, professional and convenient at the same time.

Our Frank solutions for ICSE Class 10 Physics Part 2 cover everything from Force, Work, Energy and Power, Light, Sound, Current Electricity, Heat, Modern Physics and the other topics. Yes, these are the best Frank 12 Physics solution options on the market. You get to fully prepare for the exam in a reliable and comprehensive manner. You just have to check it out for yourself and the experience can be really impressive.

Don't hesitate and check our ICSE Class 10 Physics Part 2 solutions today if you want to handle this exam with great ease. It will offer an extraordinary experience every time and you will not have to worry about any issues. Just browse our solutions right now and you will find yourself mastering the Frank exam questions in no time!

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