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Selina solutions for Class 6 Physics chapter 6 - Magnetism

Selina Concise Physics - Middle School for Class 6 (2018-19 Session)

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Selina Selina Concise Physics - Middle School Class 6 (2018-19 Session)

Selina Concise Physics - Middle School for Class 6 (2018-19 Session) - Shaalaa.com

Chapter 6: Magnetism

Chapter 6: Magnetism solutions [Page 0]

true or false

Artificial magnets are weaker than the natural magnets.

true or false

Poles of a magnet cannot be separated.

 true or false 

A magnet can attract only a magnetic substance.

true or false

 A magnet has no effect when it is heated to a high tem-perature

true or false

Permanent magnets get easily demagnetised.

 true or false

Magnetic poles occur in pairs.

true or false 

Copper cannot be magnetised.

true or false 

Magnetic keeper is a wooden piece.

fill in the blank

Temporary magnets are usually made up of .................

fill in the blank  

Rough handling destroys the .............. properties of a magnet.

fill in the blank

A freely suspended magnet points in the ......................... direction.

fill in the blank 

In a magnet, ............ have the maximum attractive property.

fill in the blank

A magnet has ............. poles.

Match the following

Column A  Column B 
A) Steel  1) to store magnets 
B) Soft iron  2) temporary magnet 
C) Use in electric bell  3) permanent magnet 
D) Magentic keepers  4)electromagnet 

Select the corret answer

If we suspend a magnet freely, it will settle in .

  1. east-west direction
  2. north-south direction
  3. north-east direction
  4. east-south direction

Select the corret answer

 Making a magnetic substance a magnet by bringing it closer to another magnet without touching it, is

  1. magnetic induction method
  2. single touch method
  3. double touch method
  4. electrical method

Select the corret answer

An example of natural magnet is

  1. iron
  2. steel
  3. lodestone
  4. none of above

Select the corret answer

The artificial magnet used to detect direction in the laboratory is

  1. U-shaped magnet
  2. horse shoe magnet
  3. electromagnet
  4. magnetic compass

Describe an experiment to show that the maximum attractive property is at the poles of a magnet ?

What are magnetic and non-magnetic substances ? Give two examples of each.

What are natural and artificial -magnets ?

How is an artificial magnet prepared from a natural magnet ?

State two ways of magnetising an iron piece?

How can magnetic properties of a magnet be destroyed ?

Why docs a freely suspended magnet always rest in north- south direction ?

Draw diagrams of the artificial magnets offour different shapes ?

Why are the artificial magnets preferred over the natural magnets ?

What is a magnet ?

State four important properties of a bar magnet ?

Explain the attractive property of a magnet with the help of an experiment?

Describe the method by which an iron bar can be made a magnet ?

How are the magnets kept safely ? What is the role of keepers in storing the magnets ?

Define the term magnetic field of a magnet. How will you recognise it experimentally ?

How will you make an iron bar electromagnet ? Draw a diagram showing the polarities of the electromagnet ?

State two ways of increasing the strength of an electro Magnet ?

Suppose you are given a long bar magnet and you are asked to break it into four small magnets. Draw diagrams showing the polarities of each broken part ?

State three important uses of a magnet ?

What is magnetic induction ? Explain with the help of a diagram ?

State three differences between the temporary and permanent magnets ?

In which direction does a suspended bar magnet come to rest? Give reason ?

State three ways of demagnetising a magnet ?

Suggest one way to recognise the magnetic field of the earth ?

Name the material of core of an electromagnet for

  1. temporary magnet
  2. permanent magnet.

You are given an iron nail, a torch cell and a long piece of insulated copper wire. With the help of a labelled neat diagram, describe in steps how you will make the nail, an electromagnet.

Describe an experiment to illustrate that like poles repel while the unlike poles attract ?

What are magnetic keepers ? Name its material ?

How are the north and south poles of a magnet located ? Explain.

Chapter 6: Magnetism solutions [Page 0]

What are magnetic substances ?

What are artificial magnets ?

Why is it not possible to isolate a single magnetic pole?

Can you bring two similar poles of two different magnetic close together easily ? Why ?

What is meant by the directional property of magnets ?

Chapter 6: Magnetism solutions [Page 0]

Tick the most appropriate answer.

Temporary magnets are made of

  1. soft iron
  2. steel
  3. stainless steel
  4. copper

Tick the most appropriate answer.

The surest test of magnetism is

  1. attraction
  2. repulsion
  3. diffusion
  4. hammering

Tick the most appropriate answer.

Which of the following methods is used to magnetize a magnetic without touching it by a magnet ?

  1. Single-touch
  2. Double-touch
  3. Using electric current
  4. None of these

Tick the most appropriate answer.

The region around a magnet where its magnetic force can be experienced is called

  1. magnetic axis
  2. magnetic equator
  3. magnetic field
  4. magnetic poles

Tick the most appropriate answer.

A permanent magnet can be demagnetized by

  1. hammering
  2. heating
  3. rough handling
  4. all of these.

Fill in the blank

A freely suspended magnet always comes to rest in the ................. direction.

Fill in the blank

Permanent magnets are generally made of steel, cobalt, nickel, or an alloy called ...............

Fill in the blank

The north pole of the imaginary magnet of the earth is near the geographic ................. pole.

Fill in the blank

Magnetic poles always exist in ...............

true or false

If a bar magnet is cut in two pieces, then one piece will have only the north pole and the other will have only the south pole.

true or false

Attraction is the surest test for magnetism.

true or false

Temporary magnets are made of cobalt.

true or false

As we move away from a magnet, its attraction power weakens .

true or false

Whenever a magnet is not in use, it should be stored along with other magnets.

Magnets must be bandied with care ?

Iron is a magnetic substance.

The directive property of magnets is used in a compass.

Electromagnets are temporary magnets.

Magnets are used to close the doors of a refrigerator tightly.

Give two examples each of magnetic and. non-magnetic substances.

What is a magnet ? Differentiate between natural and artificial magnets.

If a bar magnet is placed over iron fillings, where will the attraction of the iron fillings be

  1. maximum ?
  2. minimum ?

Define the following terms regarding a bar magnet,

  1. Magnetic axis
  2. Effective length
  3. Magnetic equator
  4. Magnetic field

Distinguish between a temporary magnet and a permanent magnet ?

Write a short note on the theory of magnetism ?

List four methods of magnetizing a magnetic substance ?

How is the single-touch method of magnetism different from the double-touch method ?


How can a magnet be demagnetized ?

Chapter 6: Magnetism

Selina Selina Concise Physics - Middle School Class 6 (2018-19 Session)

Selina Concise Physics - Middle School for Class 6 (2018-19 Session) - Shaalaa.com

Selina solutions for Class 6 Physics chapter 6 - Magnetism

Selina solutions for Class 6 Physics chapter 6 (Magnetism) include all questions with solution and detail explanation. This will clear students doubts about any question and improve application skills while preparing for board exams. The detailed, step-by-step solutions will help you understand the concepts better and clear your confusions, if any. Shaalaa.com has the CISCE Selina Concise Physics - Middle School for Class 6 (2018-19 Session) solutions in a manner that help students grasp basic concepts better and faster.

Further, we at Shaalaa.com are providing such solutions so that students can prepare for written exams. Selina textbook solutions can be a core help for self-study and acts as a perfect self-help guidance for students.

Concepts covered in Class 6 Physics chapter 6 Magnetism are Concept of Magnetic and Non-magnetic Substances., Characteristics of a Magnet, Properties of Magnets, Concept for Magnetic Field Around a Magnet, Concept of Earth’S Magnetic Field, Concept of Making of Magnets, Concept of Permanent and Temporary Magnets, Concept of Electromagnets, Choice of Material for the Core of an Electromagnet, Care and Storage of Magnets, Demagnetization by Heating, Hammering and Electricity, Concept of Magnetism.

Using Selina Class 6 solutions Magnetism exercise by students are an easy way to prepare for the exams, as they involve solutions arranged chapter-wise also page wise. The questions involved in Selina Solutions are important questions that can be asked in the final exam. Maximum students of CISCE Class 6 prefer Selina Textbook Solutions to score more in exam.

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