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NCERT solutions Science Class 9 chapter 15 Improvement in Food Resources


NCERT Science Class 9

Science Textbook for Class 9

Chapter 15 - Improvement in Food Resources

Page 204

What do we get from cereals, pulses, fruits and vegetables?

Q 1 | Page 204

Page 205

How do biotic and abiotic factors affect crop production?

Q 1 | Page 205

What are the desirable agronomic characteristics for crop improvements?

Q 2 | Page 205

Page 206

What are macro-nutrients and why are they called macro-nutrients?

Q 1 | Page 206

How do plants get nutrients?

Q 2 | Page 206

Page 207

Compare the use of manure and fertilizers in maintaining soil fertility.

Q 1 | Page 207

Page 208

Which of the following conditions will give the most benefits? Why?

(a) Farmers use high-quality seeds, do not adopt irrigation or use fertilizers.

(b) Farmers use ordinary seeds, adopt irrigation and use fertilizer.

(c) Farmers use quality seeds, adopt irrigation, use fertilizer and use crop protection measures.

Q 1 | Page 208

Page 209

Why should preventive measures and biological control methods be preferred for protecting crops?

Q 1 | Page 209

What factors may be responsible for losses of grains during storage?

Q 2 | Page 209

Page 210

Which method is commonly used for improving cattle breeds and why?

Q 1 | Page 210

Page 211

Discuss the implications of the following statement:-

“It is interesting to note that poultry is India’s most efficient converter of low fibre food stuff (which is unfit for human consumption) into highly nutritious animal protein food.”

Q 1 | Page 211

Page 211

What management practices are common in dairy and poultry farming?

Q 1 | Page 211

What are the differences between broilers and layers and in their management?

Q 2 | Page 211

Page 213

How are fish obtained?

Q 1 | Page 213

What are the advantages of composite fish culture?

Q 2 | Page 213

Page 213

What are the desirable characters of bee varieties suitable for honey production?

Q 1 | Page 213

What is pasturage and how is it related to honey production?

Q 2 | Page 213

Pages 214 - 215

Explain any one method of crop production which ensures high yield.

Q 1 | Page 214

Why are manures and fertilizers used in fields?

Q 2 | Page 214

What are the advantages of inter-cropping and crop rotation?

Q 3 | Page 214

What is genetic manipulation? How is it useful in agricultural practices?

Q 4 | Page 214

How do storage grain losses occur?

Q 5 | Page 215

How do good animal husbandry practices benefit farmers?

Q 6 | Page 215

What are the benefits of cattle farming?

Q 7 | Page 215

For increasing production, what is common in poultry, fisheries and bee-keeping?

Q 8 | Page 215

How do you differentiate between capture fishing, mariculture and aquaculture?

Q 9 | Page 215

NCERT Science Class 9

Science Textbook for Class 9