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NCERT solutions Science Class 9 chapter 14 Natural Resources


NCERT Science Class 9

Science Textbook for Class 9

Chapter 14 - Natural Resources

Page 193

How is our atmosphere different from the atmospheres on Venus and Mars?

Q 1 | Page 193

How does the atmosphere act as a blanket?

Q 2 | Page 193

What causes winds?

Q 3 | Page 193

How are clouds formed?

Q 4 | Page 193

List any three human activities that you think would lead to air pollution.

Q 5 | Page 193

Page 194

Why do organisms need water?

Q 1 | Page 194

What is the major source of fresh water in the city/town/village where you live?

Q 2 | Page 194

Do you know of any activity which may be polluting this water source?

Q 3 | Page 194

Page 196

How is soil formed?

Q 1 | Page 196

What is soil erosion?

Q 2 | Page 196

What are the methods of preventing or reducing soil erosion?

Q 3 | Page 196

Page 201

What are the different states in which water is found during the water cycle?

Q 1 | Page 201

Name two biologically important compounds that contain both oxygen and nitrogen.

Q 2 | Page 201

List any three human activities which would lead to an increase in the carbon dioxide content of air.

Q 3 | Page 201

What is the greenhouse effect?

Q 4 | Page 201

What are the two forms of oxygen found in the atmosphere?

Q 5 | Page 201

Pages 201 - 202

Why is the atmosphere essential for life?

Q 1 | Page 201

Why is water essential for life?

Q 2 | Page 201

How are living organisms dependent on the soil? Are organisms that live in water totally independent of soil as a resource?

Q 3 | Page 201

You have seen weather reports on television and in newspapers. How do you think we are able to predict the weather?

Q 4 | Page 201

We know that many human activities lead to increasing levels of pollution of the air, water-bodies and soil. Do you think that isolating these activities to specific and limited areas would help in reducing pollution?

Q 5 | Page 202

Write a note on how forests influence the quality of our air, soil and water resources.

Q 6 | Page 202

Extra questions

What is the function of ozone in the upper atmosphere?

NCERT Science Class 9

Science Textbook for Class 9