NCERT solutions Chemistry Textbook for Class 11 Part 1 chapter 1 Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry



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Chapter 1 - Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry

Pages 22 - 153

Calculate the mass percent of different elements present in sodium sulphate (Na2SO4).

Q 1.2 | Page 22 | view solution

At 0°C, the density of a certain oxide of a gas at 2 bar is same as that of dinitrogen at 5 bar. What is the molecular mass of the oxide?

Q 4 | Page 153 | view solution

The pressure of 1 g of an ideal gas A at 27 °C is found to be 2 bar. When 2 g of another ideal gas B is introduced in the same flask at the same temperature the pressure becomes 3 bar. Find a relationship between their molecular masses.

Q 5 | Page 153 | view solution

The drain cleaner, Drainex contains small bits of aluminum which react with caustic soda to produce dihydrogen. What volume of dihydrogen at 20 °C and one bar will be released when 0.15g of aluminum reacts?

Q 6 | Page 153 | view solution

The density of a gas is found to be 5.46 g/dm3 at 27 °C at 2 bar pressure. What will be its density at STP?

Q 9 | Page 153 | view solution

How much time would it take to distribute one Avogadro number of wheat grains, if 1010 grains are distributed each second?

Q 14 | Page 153 | view solution

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