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NCERT solutions Biology Class 12 chapter 8 Human Health and Disease


NCERT Biology Class 12

Biology Textbook for Class 12

Chapter 8 - Human Health and Disease

Page 164

The following are some well-known abbreviations, which have been used in this chapter. Expand each one to its full form:

(a) MALT

(b) CMI

(c) AIDS

(d) NACO

(e) HIV

Q 7 | Page 164

Page 164

What are the various public health measures, which you would suggest as safeguard against infectious diseases?

Q 1 | Page 164

In which way has the study of biology helped us to control infectious diseases?

Q 2 | Page 164

How does the transmission of each of the following diseases take place?

(a) Amoebiasis

(b) Malaria

(c) Ascariasis

(d) Pneumonia

Q 3 | Page 164

Discuss with your teacher what does ‘a suitable gene’ means, in the context of DNA vaccines.

Q 5 | Page 164

Name the primary and secondary lymphoid organs

Q 6 | Page 164

Differentiate the following and give examples of Active and passive immunity

Q 8.1 | Page 164

Differentiate the following Innate and acquired immunity

Q 8.2 | Page 164

Draw a well-labelled diagram of an antibody molecule.

Q 9 | Page 164

What are the various routes by which transmission of human immunodeficiency virus takes place?

Q 10 | Page 164

What is the mechanism by which the AIDS virus causes deficiency of immune system of the infected person?

Q 11 | Page 164

How is a cancerous cell different from a normal cell?

Q 12 | Page 164

Explain what is meant by metastasis.

Q 13 | Page 164

List the harmful effects caused by alcohol/drug abuse.

Q 14 | Page 164

Do you think that friends can influence one to take alcohol/drugs? If yes, how may one protect himself/herself from such an influence?

Q 15 | Page 164

Why is that once a person starts taking alcohol or drugs, it is difficult to get rid of this habit? Discuss it with your teacher.

Q 16 | Page 164

In your view what motivates youngsters to take to alcohol or drugs and how can this be avoided?

Q 17 | Page 164

NCERT Biology Class 12

Biology Textbook for Class 12