NCERT solutions Biology Textbook for Class 12 chapter 7 Evolution



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Chapter 7 - Evolution

Page 142

Explain antibiotic resistance observed in bacteria in light of Darwinian selection theory.

Q 1 | Page 142 | view solution

Find out from newspapers and popular science articles any new fossil discoveries or controversies about evolution.

Q 2 | Page 142 | view solution

Attempt giving a clear definition of the term species

Q 3 | Page 142 | view solution

Try to trace the various components of human evolution (hint: brain size and function, skeletal structure, dietary preference, etc.)

Q 4 | Page 142 | view solution

Find out through internet and popular science articles whether animals other than man have self-consciousness.

Q 5 | Page 142 | view solution

List 10 modern-day animals and using the internet resources link it to a corresponding ancient fossil. Name both.

Q 6 | Page 142 | view solution

Describe one example of adaptive radiation.

Q 8 | Page 142 | view solution

Using various resources such as your school library or the internet and discussions with your teacher, trace the evolutionary stages of any one animal say horse.

Q 10 | Page 142 | view solution

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