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NCERT solutions Biology Class 12 chapter 5 Principles of Inheritance and Variation


NCERT Biology Class 12

Biology Textbook for Class 12

Chapter 5 - Principles of Inheritance and Variation

Pages 93 - 94

Mention the advantages of selecting pea plant for experiment by Mendel.

Q 1 | Page 93

Differentiate between Dominance and Recessive

Q 2.1 | Page 93

Differentiate between Homozygous and Heterozygous

Q 2.2 | Page 93

Differentiate between Monohybrid and Dihybrid.

Q 2.3 | Page 93

A diploid organism is heterozygous for 4 loci, how many types of gametes can be produced?

Q 3 | Page 93

Explain the Law of Dominance using a monohybrid cross.

Q 4 | Page 93

Define and design a test-cross.

Q 5 | Page 93

Using a Punnett square, work out the distribution of phenotypic features in the first filial generation after a cross between a homozygous female and a heterozygous male for a single locus.

Q 6 | Page 93

When a cross in made between tall plants with yellow seeds (TtYy) and tall plant with green seed (TtYy), what proportions of phenotype in the offspring could be expected to be

(a) Tall and green.

(b) Dwarf and green.

Q 7 | Page 93

Two heterozygous parents are crossed. If the two loci are linked what would be the distribution of phenotypic features in F1 generation for a dihybrid cross?

Q 8 | Page 93

Briefly mention the contribution of T.H. Morgan in genetics.

Q 9 | Page 93

What is pedigree analysis? Suggest how such an analysis, can be useful.

Q 10 | Page 93

A child has blood group O. If the father has blood group A and mother blood group B, work out the genotypes of the parents and the possible genotypes of the other offsprings.

Q 12 | Page 93

Explain the terms with example - Co-dominance

Q 13.1 | Page 94

Explain the following terms with example

Incomplete dominance

Q 13.2 | Page 94

What is point mutation? Give one example.

Q 14 | Page 94

Who had proposed the chromosomal theory of inheritance?

Q 15 | Page 94

Mention any two autosomal genetic disorders with their symptoms.

Q 16 | Page 94

NCERT Biology Class 12

Biology Textbook for Class 12