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NCERT solutions Biology Class 12 chapter 16 Environmental Issues


NCERT Biology Class 12

Biology Textbook for Class 12

Chapter 16 - Environmental Issues

Page 286

What are the various constituents of domestic sewage? Discuss the effects of sewage discharge on a river.

Q 1 | Page 286

List all the wastes that you generate, at home, school or during your Trips to other places, could you very easily reduce? Which would be Difficult or rather impossible to reduce?

Q 2 | Page 286

Discuss the causes and effects of global warming. What measures need to be taken to control global warming?

Q 3 | Page 286

Match the items given in column A and B:

  Column A   Column B
a Catalytic converter 1 Particulate matter
b Electrostatic precipitator 2 Carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides
c Earmuffs 3 High noise level
d Landfills 4 Solid wastes
Q 4 | Page 286

Write critical notes on Eutrophication

Q 5.1 | Page 286

With the help of a flow-chart exhibit the events of eutrophication.

Q 5.2 | Page 286

Write critical notes Groundwater depletion and ways for its replenishment

Q 5.3 | Page 286

Discuss the role of women and communities in protection and conservation of forests.

Q 6 | Page 286

What measures, as an individual, you would take to reduce environmental pollution?

Q 8 | Page 286

Discuss briefly the following:

Radioactive wastes

Q 9.1 | Page 286

Discuss briefly Defunct ships and e-wastes

Q 9.2 | Page 286

Discuss briefly the following 

Municipal solid wastes

Q 9.3 | Page 286

What initiatives were taken for reducing vehicular air pollution in Delhi? Has air quality improved in Delhi?

Q 10 | Page 286

Discuss briefly about Greenhouse gases

Q 11.1 | Page 286

Discuss briefly about Catalytic converter

Q 11.2 | Page 286

Discuss briefly about Ultraviolet B

Q 11.3 | Page 286

NCERT Biology Class 12

Biology Textbook for Class 12