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NCERT solutions Biology Class 12 chapter 15 Biodiversity and Conservation


NCERT Biology Class 12

Biology Textbook for Class 12

Chapter 15 - Biodiversity and Conservation

Pages 268 - 269

Name the three important components of biodiversity.

Q 1 | Page 268

How do ecologists estimate the total number of species present in the world?

Q 2 | Page 268

Give three hypotheses for explaining why tropics show greatest levels of species richness.

Q 3 | Page 269

What is the significance of the slope of regression in a species − area relationship?

Q 4 | Page 269

What are the major causes of species losses in a geographical region?

Q 5 | Page 269

How is biodiversity important for ecosystem functioning?

Q 6 | Page 269

What are sacred groves? What is their role in conservation?

Q 7 | Page 269

Among the ecosystem services are control of floods and soil erosion. How is this achieved by the biotic components of the ecosystem?

Q 8 | Page 269

The species diversity of plants (22 per cent) is much less than that of animals (72 per cent). What could be the explanations to how animals achieved greater diversification?

Q 9 | Page 268

Can you think of a situation where we deliberately want to make a species extinct? How would you justify it?

Q 10 | Page 269

NCERT Biology Class 12

Biology Textbook for Class 12