NCERT solutions Biology Textbook for Class 12 chapter 12 Biotechnology and its Applications



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Chapter 12 - Biotechnology and its Applications

Pages 215 - 216

Crystals of Bt toxin produced by some bacteria do not kill the bacteria themselves because −

(a) bacteria are resistant to the toxin

(b) toxin is immature:

(c) toxin is inactive:

(d) bacteria encloses toxin in a special sac.

Q 1 | Page 215 | view solution

What are transgenic bacteria? Illustrate using any one example.

Q 2 | Page 215 | view solution

Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of production of genetically modified crops.

Q 3 | Page 215 | view solution

What are Cry proteins? Name an organism that produces it. How has man exploited this protein to his benefit?

Q 4 | Page 216 | view solution

What is gene therapy? Illustrate using the example of adenosine deaminase (ADA) deficiency.

Q 5 | Page 216 | view solution

Can you suggest a method to remove oil (hydrocarbon) from seeds based on your understanding of rDNA technology and chemistry of oil?

Q 7 | Page 216 | view solution

Does our blood have proteases and nucleases?

Q 9 | Page 216 | view solution

Consult internet and find out how to make orally active protein pharmaceutical. What is the major problem to be encountered?

Q 10 | Page 216 | view solution

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