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NCERT solutions Biology Class 11 chapter 4 Animal Kingdom


NCERT Biology Class 11

Biology Textbook for Class 11

Chapter 4 - Animal Kingdom

Pages 45 - 62

What are the difficulties that you would face in classification of animals, if common fundamental features are not taken into account?

Q 1 | Page 62

If you are given a specimen, what are the steps that you would follow to classify it (living organisms)?

Q 2 | Page 45

How useful is the study of the nature of body cavity and coelom in the classification of animals?

Q 3 | Page 45

Distinguish between intracellular and extracellular digestion?

Q 4 | Page 62

What is the difference between direct and indirect development?

Q 5 | Page 62

What are the peculiar features that you find in parasitic platyhelminthes?

Q 6 | Page 62

What are the reasons that you can think of for the arthropods to constitute the largest group of the animal kingdom?

Q 7 | Page 62

Water vascular system is the characteristic of which group of the following:

(a) Porifera

(b) Ctenophora

(c) Echinodermata

(d) Chordata

Q 8 | Page 62

“All vertebrates are chordates but all chordates are not vertebrates”. Justify the statement.

Q 9 | Page 62

How important is the presence of air bladder in Pisces?

Q 10 | Page 62

What are the modifications that are observed in birds that help them fly?

Q 11 | Page 62

Could the number of eggs or young ones produced by an oviparous and viviparous mother be equal? Why?

Q 12 | Page 62

Segmentation in the body is first observed in which of the following:

(a) Platyhelminthes

(b) Aschelminthes

(c) Annelida

(d) Arthropoda

Q 13 | Page 62

Match the following: 

a Operculum (i) Ctenophora
b Parapodia (ii) Mollusca
c Scales (iii) Porifera
d Comb plates (iv) Reptilia
e Radula (v) Annelida
f Hairs (vi) Cyclostomata and Chondrichthyes
g Choanocytes (vii) Mammalia
h Gill slits (viii) Osteichthyes
Q 14 | Page 62

Prepare a list of some animals that are found parasitic on human beings.

Q 15 | Page 62

NCERT Biology Class 11

Biology Textbook for Class 11