NCERT solutions Biology Textbook for Class 11 chapter 16 Digestion and Absorption



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Chapter 16 - Digestion and Absorption

Page 267

Choose the correct answer among the following:

Gastric juice contains

 (i) pepsin, lipase and rennin

 (ii) trypsin lipase and rennin

 (iii) trypsin, pepsin and lipase

 (iv) trypsin, pepsin and renin

Q 1.1 | Page 267 |

Choose the correct answer among the following:

Succus entericus is the name given to

(i) a junction between ileum and large intestine

(ii) intestinal juice

(iii) swelling in the gut

(iv) appendix

Q 1.2 | Page 267 |

Match column I with column II

  Column I   Column II
a Bilirubin and biliverdin 1 Parotid
b Hydrolysis of starch 2 Bile
c Digestion of fat 3 Lipases
d Salivary gland 4 Amylases
Q 2 | Page 267 |

State the role of pancreatic juice in digestion of proteins.

Q 3 | Page 267 |

Answer briefly: 

Why are villi present in the intestine and not in the stomach?

Q 3.1 | Page 267 |

How does pepsinogen change into its active form?

Q 3.4 | Page 267 |

Describe the process of digestion of protein in stomach.

Q 5 | Page 267 |

Given the dental formula of human beings

Q 6 | Page 267 |

Bile juice contains no digestive enzymes, yet it is important for digestion. Why?

Q 7 | Page 267 |

Describe the digestive role of chymotrypsin. What two other digestive enzymes of the same category are secreted by its source gland?

Q 8 | Page 267 |

How are polysaccharides and disaccharides digested?

Q 9 | Page 267 |

What would happen if HCl were not secreted in the stomach?

Q 10 | Page 267 |

How does butter in your food gets digested and absorbed in the body?

Q 11 | Page 267 |

Discuss the main steps in the digestion of proteins as the food passes through different parts of the alimentary canal.

Q 12 | Page 267 |

Explain the term thecodont and diphyodont.

Q 13 | Page 267 |

Name different types of teeth and their number in an adult human.

Q 14 | Page 267 |

What are the functions of liver?

Q 15 | Page 267 |

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