CBSE solutions for Class 9 English Communicative - Workbook Interact in English chapter 8.1 - Prepositions [Latest edition]


CBSE solutions for Class 9 English Communicative - Workbook Interact in English chapter 8.1 - Prepositions -

Solutions for Chapter 8.1: Prepositions

Below listed, you can find solutions for Chapter 8.1 of CBSE CBSE for Class 9 English Communicative - Workbook Interact in English.

Exercises [Pages 106 - 116]

CBSE solutions for Class 9 English Communicative - Workbook Interact in English Chapter 8.1 Prepositions Exercises [Pages 106 - 116]

Exercises | Q 1 | Page 106

Read the following passage on New Zealand.
New Zealand is a Mecca for nature lovers. Throughout most of New Zealand's geological history, it was a bird's paradise. The islands were once part of the southern super - continent Gondwana from which they broke off around 80 million years ago before mammals had evolved and spread.

                                                                                          (courtesy: Terra Green Sept 2008 issue 06)

The underlined words express a relationship usually of space or time between the words with which they stand. Such 'Positional' words which are used before nouns (pre-position) are called prepositions.

Exercises | Q 2 | Page 107

Identify the functions of the prepositions in each of these sentences.

1. George Washington served as the Commander-in-Chief during the
American Revolutionary War.
2. The assassin shot the leader with a gun.
3. Pratap bequeathed his property to charity.
4. Manoj was awarded a certificate for his good conduct.
5. The roof is covered with fire-proof sheets.

Exercises | Q 3 | Page 107

Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions.

(a) The magician made the girl disappear ___________ my own eyes.
(b) He climbed _________ the ladder.
(c) There is a super market _____ our house.
(d) The train was late _________ 3 hrs.

Exercises | Q 4 | Page 107

Group the prepositions in the box below to indicate their use as prepositions of place (P), movement (M) or time (T). There may be more than one category for each.

between ________
along ________
since ________
up ________
among ________
in front of ________
after ________
past ________
on ________
behind ________
round ________
for ________
across ________
through ________
before ________
until ________
beside ________
out of ________
at ________
under ________
during ________
Exercises | Q 5 | Page 108

A student from a lower class asks you to help her illustrate for her class, the use of different prepositions.

In groups of four, choose one of the following lists of prepositions and draw simple pictures to illustrate their meaning.

Time Place Movement
since on through
at in along
until behind across
for beside down
after above round
Exercises | Q 6 | Page 108

Prepositions of Location
Picture Dictation
Work in pairs - Student A and Student B. Student A only (picture given below) - . Keep the picture secret from Student B. Describe exactly what you see to Student B, who must draw the picture from the information given. At the end, compare the two pictures. Draw your picture in the box below.


In the middle there’s a small house. Behind the house there are two hills. Several birds are flying over the house…

Exercises | Q 7 | Page 109

This description is taken from a well-known film. Can you guess which one?

A man in a red cape and blue tights is flying over a city. On his chest is the letter S. Below him a large crowd is pointing up at him.

Imagine a scene from a play, film or TV show you have seen.

Describe (a) where things and people are, and (b) any movement. Follow the example.

Show your description to your partner. Guess each other’s play or film.____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Exercises | Q 8 | Page 110

Study the map and the key given below carefully, and complete the sentences that follow.


  1. Lalnagar
  2. Sarkor
  3. Timpur
  4. Rampur (Capital)
  5. Marwah
  6. Chickoor
  7. Strange Lake
  8. Neverest Hills
  9. Nafran
  10. Lakshrnanpur







is situated

lies ____________

is located

half-way along the west coast of Halsi Island.


on the south coast of the island, north of ___

(b) Now describe the position of the other eight places, using some of the words in
the box.

at along among
to next to opposite
on between  
in above  
by below  
Exercises | Q 9 | Page 112

Look at the map below.
You have invited three friends to a party at your house. Write three separate notes, giving them directions from 1, 2 and 3 to your house. You may use the words in the box.

The directions from (1) are given here as an example

Go down Diwan Marg and turn right down Antonio Avenue. Walk as far as the traffic lights then turn right into Mount Road. Turn first left into The Crescent and my house is on the left.

Exercises | Q 10 | Page 113

Work in pairs. Put one pencil on a point on the map where you live, and put another pencil on any other point. Ask your partner to tell the direction for getting to your house.

Prepositions of time

after at before between
by during for from
on past since throughout
to towards until within
Exercises | Q 11 | Page 113

You have recently been to a wedding. A British pen friend asks you to describe it. Using the words in the box, describe the different stages. Write only the body of the letter below.

Exercises | Q 12 | Page 114

Common Combinations using Prepositions

Link the words from the different columns to produce meaningful sentences. One has been completed as an example. If you wish, write out the correct sentences in your notebook.

Exercises | Q 13 | Page 114

Verbs and Prepositions

Fill in the gaps with suitable prepositions

  1. You’re right. I agree __________ you.
  2. The conclusions are based __________ extensive research.
  3. He arrived __________ Delhi airport at 2 am and then arrived the city at 4 am.
  4. He angrily shouted __________ the pupil.
  5. “Remember the party!” she shouted __________ her friend.
  6. A differs __________ B in a number of ways.
  7. He applied __________ the teaching job but was turned down.
  8. She replied __________ his last letter.
  9. They apologized __________ breaking the vase.
  10. Do you believe __________ ghosts?
Exercises | Q 14 | Page 115

Adjectives and Prepositions
Look at the table below. Decide which of the adjectives in Column A commonly go with which preposition. Tick the table as shown. (There may be more then one tick for each adjective).

A at to about for
Exercises | Q 15 | Page 115

Use the adjectives and prepositions from the box above to fill in the gaps below. Add eight sentences of your own.

  1. Mary is bad ________ Maths.
  2. Fruit is good ________ you.
  3. Ram was married ________ Beena for 10 years. They were very happy.
  4. This tool is more ________ planing wood.
  5. What good news! I’m so ________ you.
  6. He’s ________ her; she looks ill.
  7. She’s ashamed ________ her bad behaviour.
  8. They are fond ________ dancing.
  9. He was absent ________ the Science Club yesterday.
  10. He is sensitive ________ criticism.
Exercises | Q 16 | Page 116

Think of a person in your class, and use adjective + prepositions to describe him/her in about two or three sentences. Don't give a name.

(a) e.g. She’s good at Maths.
She’s keen on hiking.

Show your description to your partner. Let her or him guess who it is.
(b) The following diagram explains the use of some of these prepositions.

Destination Position Destination Position Reference
to •X at •X away from x ⇒

away from x •

Referring to a
on (to) on off off Referring to a
line or surface.
into in out of out of Referring to an
enclosed area

Notice the following peculiarities in the use of Prepositions.
1) at relates to a small extent of space or time while in relates to a wider extent.
2) with relates to the instrument used for doing something.
by relates to the doer
e.g. (1) This poem was composed~me
(2) I wrote with a Shaffer's pen.
3) between, among: between is used when there are two things or persons or
ideas, among is used for more than two.
e.g. ( 1) The property was divided between the twins.
(2) The gossip spread among the villagers.
4) beside, besides : beside means by the side of, besides means in addition to
e.g. (1) Ram sat beside his grandmother.
(2) Besides music, he is interested in painting.
5) in and within : in denotes at the close of some future period, within denotes
sometime short of the close
e.g. (1) The project will be implemented in a week's time.(= at the close)
(2) The plan will be sanctioned within a fort night(= less than)

Solutions for Chapter 8.1: Prepositions

CBSE solutions for Class 9 English Communicative - Workbook Interact in English chapter 8.1 - Prepositions -

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