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CBSE solutions for Class 9 English - Communicative chapter 5 - The Invisible Man

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CBSE Class 9 English Course Communicative: Main Course Book Interact in English

Class 9 English Course Communicative: Main Course Book Interact in English -

Chapter 5: The Invisible Man


CBSE solutions for Class 9 English - Communicative Chapter 5 Exercise [Pages 90 - 98]

Exercise | Q 1 | Page 90

List some phrases and words that come to your mind, when you look at the picture given below

Exercise | Q 2 | Page 91

Discuss in groups.

  • Have you heard a story, seen a film, or read about someone becoming invisible?
  • Did he/she use his/her power for good or for evil?
Exercise | Q 3 | Page 91

Study the words given in the box below and complete the police report. 

4 January, Wednesday 
At 9.15 pm, I was driving along Belvedere Street when I noticed something moving in the (a)_______ On closer examination, I could see two rather (b) _________looking men outside House Number 5. I felt certain these men were in the middle of (c)____ a crime, so I stopped my car round the corner and walked (d) ________over to the two suspects. By this time I was in no (e) ________ that a robbery was taking place. I quietly spoke to the (f)____________ of police on my radio to inform him that two men had (g) __ _ into a house and were trying to steal what looked like a television. At that moment the criminals saw me. I warned them not to move and told them I was (h)______ them for robbery. I informed them that they could (i) ___________silent if they wished and that they could phone their (j)______________ from the police station. The men said they weren't (k)_______ and that they were just borrowing their friend's TV. "You can tell that to the judge when you get to (1)_____________ " I said. 

Exercise | Q 4 | Page 91

What would you do if you became invisible? Would you use your invisibility to play tricks on people or for the good of people?
Write a short paragraph on 'If I was invisible'. 

Exercise | Q 5 | Page 92

Read the comic strip based on. H.G. Wells' novells. 

Answer the questions by ticking the correct option. 

(a) The strange-looking man wanted .... 
(i) the best room at the inn. 
(ii} a room with a fire and a good lock. 
(iii} a room with a good view. 
(iv) a room where he could work quietly. 
(b) Jimson was suspicious of the stranger because ... 
(i} he did not answer Jimson's questions. 
(ii} he did not want to talk about the weather. 
(iii} he kept his back turned towards Jimson at all times. 
(iv) he shouted atJimson when he entered his room. 
(c) The people of the town gossiped about the stranger as ... 
(i} he did not go out or talk to anyone in the town. 
(ii} he had met with an accident and his face was bandaged. 
(iii} he was new to the town and behaved rudely. 
(iv) he stayed in his room and did not show his face to anyone. 
(d) 'There was a rush of burglaries in the town. This means that ________
(i} there were many robberies in the town. 
(ii) a few people in the town had seen a rob her. 
(iii} the burglaries in the town were done in a rush. 
(iv) the burglar was a rash and careless man. 
(e) Although Jimson and Dr Cuss are suspicious of the strange guest, Mrs Hall tolerates him because .... 
(i} she is not superstitious or ignorant. 
(ii) she is sorry for the stranger who is bandaged. 
(iii} the stranger is paying her a good amount of money for the room. 
(iv} the stranger is polite and kind to Mrs Hall at all times. 
(f) The stranger who was staying at the inn can be described as being .... 
(I} violent 
(ii} upright 
(iii} dishonest 
(iv) sensible 

Exercise | Q 6 | Page 97

Working in groups of four, create your own mystery story. You may use the following chart to plan your story. 

Title of 'Solve-it Story'   
Main Character   
Secondary character   
Setting (where and when)   
Main events   
Exercise | Q 7 | Page 98

Mysteries can be divided into several categories. There are puzzling stories, detective I crime stories, and suspense stories. They all give the reader a chance to become involved in the solution of the story through clues and character descriptions. 

Before you start to write, think about the characters you might put in your story. 
• What will each character do? 
• Why is he or she important to the story? 
• In what ways are your characters alike? 
• How are they different? 
• What can your characters learn from each other? 
• One last thing to remember: your characters don't always have to be human. If an animal plays a part in the story, that animal is a character, too 
A story has to happen in a place. 
• The setting might be a place you are familiar with. 
• It might even be another planet! 
• A setting doesn't even have to be a real place. 
• Use your Imagination. 
• Details help readers understand how something looks, how it feels, how it sounds - even how something smells or tastes! 
• Your characters have to DO something! 
• What they do is the Plot of your story. 
• To make the plot exciting add Situations. 
• The Ending of a story is the solution to the conflict. 
• Solve the problem, dilemma or conflict faced by the main character. 
• Show that your main character has changed or grown in some way. 
• Tie up all the loose ends. Readers shouldn't have to choose between several hinted endings. 

Chapter 5: The Invisible Man


CBSE Class 9 English Course Communicative: Main Course Book Interact in English

Class 9 English Course Communicative: Main Course Book Interact in English -

CBSE solutions for Class 9 English - Communicative chapter 5 - The Invisible Man

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